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Meaning of Success Success consists of doing & accomplishing things. It is doing one’s best to make the most of oneself.

However, it is not something that can be measured in relation to the accomplishments of others. It is an individual matter & must always be determined by the degree in which a specific person has attained his own highest potentialities.

The first success factor is the formulation of a Goal. The general causes of our mediocrity in performance are not lack of ability, unwillingness to work. The real cause is our inability to formulate Specific, Positive, Realistic & Concrete Goals. Besides, occasionally it is necessary to break end goal into sub-goals & set specific goals to achieve the targeted end-goal gradually.

Only we must do only these things & not at the same time a hundred other incompatible things. with Passion and Strong Enthusiasm which moves heaven & earth. you will be learned. If you only care enough for a result. if you wish to be learned. you will most certainly attain it. Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.Passion To attain our goal we should pursue it singlemindedly. you will be rich. According to William James(the father of modern psychology) in almost any subject your Passion for the subject will save you. if you wish to be good. If you wish to be rich. . you will be good.

To pursue a goal passionately is the best possible assurance of success in it. passion finds it & it is not cowed by difficulties/obstacles. Real Passion is indispensable condition for a truly great achievement. No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life. . If there is a way to Success. To put it differently. Passion is one of the prime success factors.

. “Through hardship to the stars. If a person stops paying the price when he has achieved some success then he will slip back. It means that driving force has gone & price is no longer is being paid. The old saying has it.Driving Force Closely related to passion is driving force that there is no gain without work. The trouble with some people is that they want to get to the promised land but without going through the wilderness.” Anyone can be successful if he prepared to continuously pay the price for it.

Everything worthwhile has a price & to make it meaningful we must pay the price continuously.“Pay for it & take it. the one who was stuck refused to continuously pay the price of Success. while the other climbed to the top in his trade. . One remained stuck in a small job all his life. What is the difference? Just this. Two young men of equal abilities started in the business world at the same time.” said Emerson.

relying on ourselves. . being willing to accept & learn from the consequences of our choices. It is the willingness to confront fear. it is rather the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair. It means flying in the face of criticism. It is the recognition that failure is a genuine possibility & that absolute certainty is an illusion.Courage Courage is not the absence of despair.

it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. till one day he finds that he has lost much time in consulting and he has no time to follow their advice. but jump in & scramble through as well as we can. it is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It will not do to be perpetually calculating risks and adjusting nice changes. we must not stand back shivering & thinking of the cold & danger. doubts & consults his well wishers. In different words. but at present a person waits.The fact is that to do anything in the world worth doing.A great deal of talent is lost in the world for want of little courage. .

Success/failure in any enterprise is caused more by mental attitude rather than mental capacities.The bravest thing we can do when we are not brave is to profess courage & act accordingly. rather than try to convince ourselves of how brave we are or are not at given moment. the failure attitude attracts failure. . Success Visualization The effectiveness of the foregoing success factors will be greatly enhanced if we visualize ourselves as a Success & act accordingly several times a day. The idea of professing courage is sound because the important thing is to act. SELF PITY DOES NO ONE ANY GOOD. The success attitude magnetizes success.

We must preserve the success attitude under all circumstances. give it that little extra & with God’s blessings we will achieve it. we should move straight to our goal. We should firmly fix in our minds what we would like to do & then without getting distracted . being the sort of person we want to be & let this image drift into our minds. It is wisely said that all things come through Desire. Perhaps the greatest power we have is to use our imagination to help us change in the ways we want to change. We must set our heart on a goal.We must assume a virtue if we do not have it. . visualize its attainment. We must build up a very vivid picture of ourselves behaving in the way we want to behave. We become like that on which our hearts are fixed. work for it like blazes.

The magic formula for success is never-say-die attitude. . In other words. “Hold on”. If we persist & follow up tirelessly never even entertaining the idea of being put off we will almost always emerge not only having reached our goal but often having far exceeded our initial expectations. we must abandon our giving up & replace it with dogged persistence.Persistence Persistence enables us to hold on when there is nothing in us except the WILL which says to us.

it does not come as a gift of heaven. He directs & bends the forces of his life to the attainments of his goals. . He does not expect the fate to throw success in his lap. He knows what he wants and he plans the sequential steps for attaining it.There is no substitute for persistence. The slogan “Press on” has solved and will always solve the problems of human race. nor does his rely on other people to give it to him. It is no bonanza. He knows exactly & precisely what he wants & he regulates his daily actions to attain it. At the back of 99 out of 100 assertions that a can not be done is nothing but the unwillingness to do it. The individual who has the will to succeed takes charge of his success. It is the end product of our own efforts. The Will to Succeed Success comes to the person who has the will to succeed. He succeeds because he has the will to succeed. It is the result of our will to succeed.

Intelligent organisation of these ingredients means richer and more rewarding life. we should do it with a will and be confident that we will succeed. Efficiency Efficiency is the quality of being able to complete a job successfully without wasting Time/energy. Energy & Materials. In order to live successfully in our environment we have got to be efficient. We should not pray for lighter burdens but for stronger backs. . We have to learn to make the most economical use of Time.Hence. In addition. Without efficiency we are not likely to hit bull’s eye very often. it were impossible to fail. It is will-power that makes dreams come true. Space. the tough gets going. it can be said that when the things get tough. whenever we attempt to do a thing. Efficiency increases our self-confidence & self-esteem. To put it in another way. We should act as if.

Shaping our Destiny Ourselves We should not loose sight of the fact that our destinies are individual things and that it is up to us personally to take charge and shape them according to our capacities. needs. They must be designed and hammered out by each one of us individually. ambitions & ideals. They can not be handed over to an assembly-line and come out tailor made to fit us. To permit forces outside of us to shape them for us is to abdicate our birthright as individual human personalities. .

. It develops initiative. It is key to selfknowledge. It adds to one’s motivation to perform better. inter-personal & spiritual-leads to new self-undertaking.Assuming responsibility for oneself mostly pays dividends. It enables one to look oneself straight in the eye. It fosters individuality and develops creativity. It enables an individual to develop his potential fully. Taking full responsibility for one’s behaviour at all levels-physical. It enhances one’s capacity to cope with reality effectively & boldly.

the freedom to keep in his own hands the power to decide each step. the course of his life. . the freedom to mould his own life & the freedom to develop his own talents.Along with personal responsibility goes personal freedom-the freedom to live as he chooses. freedom to think and act as he wishes. the freedom to make mistakes & profit by them.

vacillation and mental reservations. Even when confronted with obstacles and setbacks. He is fortified with a strong will power and sustained enthusiasm. Thrill and Enjoyment. especially over long periods under severe stresses and strains in the force of stiff opposition & competition. He is certain of victory and proceeds towards his goal with determination. difficulties/dangers. The positive frame of mind enables one to always look at the brighter & lighter side of things. He does whatever he has to with Enthusiasm. cooperation. perseverance and determination. He enjoys hard work and his allotted or chosen course of action. A positive-oriented person has the ability to turn initial defeats into ultimate victories. warmth. A positive frame of mind injects one with tremendous courage & enables him to take reasonable risks with pluck & promptitude. no matter the obstacles. friendliness. He radiates joy. It enables the individual to visualize positive goals and definite objectives and work for them with patience. It is having faith in ourselves and forcing our way to our goal by sheer will-power and determination. Without the basic hopeful and optimistic approach and attitude of mind. odds. He may have setbacks & difficulties but his positive thinking will enable him to try again and again and press on in spite of apparent failures & mishaps. He considers what he gains with successive experience and how he could turn it to his advantage. Positive thinking automatically imbibes one with confidence & enthusiasm. one will find it difficult to sustain one’s efforts.Optimistic & Positive Thinking Positive thinking is fundamentally a matter of believing in a favourable future and being convinced of ultimate success in our efforts. With positive attitude an individual gains enormous inner strength. the person with a positive slant of mind is not depressed or disheartened. He is able to take firm decisions without hesitation. . In the end his tenacity and perseverance gains him success.

If we are positive minded. we will not say or think that something is impossible or can not be done. . On the contrary we firmly believe that all is possible to him who truly believes & firmly act on that belief. keeps on postponing things and give up the efforts on the flimsiest excuse. When we have positive outlook we invariably make a sincere and honest attempt before we say that something is even difficult. timid and uncertain. They undermine his self-confidence and make him imbalanced. He will always be content to remain a follower and obey the orders. He is assisted by his self-worries. hesitant. Pessimism and Negative Thinking are the worst enemies of an aspiring leader. fears & imaginary worries. Hence a person obsessed with failure can not rise to leadership. He avoids taking decisions. He neither exercise initiate nor he accept responsibility. doubtful .

doing things. Even if the worst has happened. Display Courage and take risks. he still looks for a silver lining and attempts to get the best out of the worst. We accept responsibility cheerfully and Dare to try new ideas.The person with positive outlook forgets his failures and begins counting his assets. We have the courage to search out and take on highly responsible assignments. We show Pluck. taking parts enthusiastically in whatever is afoot. therefore. enterprising & adventurous. Having salvaged what he can from a seemingly hopeless situation he rises up and fights his way again. really worries him. strengths and gains. Because of his optimism he never gives up or abandons his efforts in midway. He is on the go. . Nothing. He has abundant energy. Novel Methods & Untrodden Paths. Positive always breeds boldness and daring. a zest for life and finds anything and everything interesting and fascinating. It makes us dashing. We never run away from difficulties and dangers but face them squarely and confidently.

bad. Our optimism helps to make full use of our inherent talents and abilities and we will invariably lead and succeed. we automatically acquire a positive personality. Success & Leadership. warm. sweet. laugh. cold. talk and write freely about the things which are good. By deliberately changing our Thought Pattern from the Negative to the Positive Side. confident. unwell etc we will find that we automatically become optimistic. faith. afraid. sour. can. believe. encouraging & cheerful. try. doubt. affectionate and the like in place of pessimistic or negative words like can not. We must suggest to ourselves that we can and we will be what we imagine. fear. difficult. A positive personality means Strength. nice. Imagine ourselves becoming what we want to be. dull. bold. If we have a positive attitude. beautiful. love. happy. healthy. We can develop optimism in action by continually taking action based on optimism. will. nasty. enjoy. cheerful. good. . Use of positive words like yes.Positive Personality is made possible when built on firm foundation of positive mental outlook. We must think. suffer. easy. we can get into the habit of Thinking & Acting in a positive way. energetic.

We should think.Concentration In order to achieve the selected goal we must concentrate all our efforts at all points of time on foregoing selected goal. I explore it in all its diamensions. muscles. every part of our body be full of that goal and just leave every other goal alone. Alexander Hamilton whom the world acclaims as a great genius says. . We must focus sharply and clearly on one thing at a point of time.” Accordingly. All the genius I have lies in these linesWhen I have a task in hand I study it profoundly. My mind becomes pervaded with it. The weakest creature by concentrating his power on a single object can accomplish something whereas the strongest by dispersing his powers on many may fail to accomplish anything. Then the efforts I make are what the people are pleased to call fruits of genius. It is a fruit of labour and thought. We should let our brain. dream & live on that goal. Day and night it is before me. we should also strive single mindedly and steadfastly for success. “Men give me some credit of genius.

Refusal to follow the crowd. self-fulfilling and achieving personality we must master the techniques of standing on own feet. To be self-reliant. They go with the tide. That is what makes for full flowering of personality. to be nobody but ourselves in what pays the ultimate dividends. to follow our own bent of mind. . Some people just drift.Standing on our own feet The importance of doing things our own way can hardly be overstressed. Self-denial amounts to self-betrayal. just think and do as others think and do and thus deny individuality and personality. Self-help is said to be best and the sure help for attaining success. follow the line of least resistance. self-fulfillment and high achievement. Our aim should be not to depend on other people.

A sharp. We must never act in haste. lose temper easily and instantly. We are prone to overstate or exaggerate. give way to our temper. It makes us vulnerable and weak. A quick tempered person will prove to be highly irritable and difficult to get along with. Thus by losing our temper we are likely to incur a lot of avoidable trouble in addition to saying unpleasant. An individual lacking self-confidence can not establish himself as a firm leader. quick temper causes us great harm and no good whatever. unnecessary and incorrect things and there losing friends and creating enemies. A smiling and friendly approach will fetch us co-operation and success. We may also reveal a lot of things which we should not disclose. . our reason and logic will take to flight. therefore. A person under the grip of temper invariably loses his self-control. When we get emotional and lose our temper. We should. We tend to say things which we really did not mean. unwanted.Do not lose temper Only those persons who are emotional and excitable. To become a successful leader we must control our temper and guard our tongue. unguarded. We must be objective and should not get excited.

The significance of the time has also been explained beautifully in the following small poem:- .Judicious Time Management If we manage the time at our disposal effectively. we should not fritter away our precious time in unproductive and trivial activities. In other words. as far as issue of allotment of time is concerned. He has granted the same 24 hours to everyone on this earth right from the poorest man to the richest person. there is every likelihood of our success. Like an arrow once gone it never comes back. However. It has been wisely said that time does not come with buy-back facility. God may have made several other discriminations amongst different human beings. He has remained totally neutral.

To realise the value of 1 hour Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To realise the value of 1 minute Ask a person who has missed the train. To realise the value of 1 week Ask an editor of a weekly magazine. To realise the value of 1 month Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.To realise the value of 1 year Ask a student who has failed in his exam. . To realise the value of 1 second Ask an athlete who has won the second prize. To realise the value of 1 day Ask a daily wage earner.

Napoleon Bonaparte(Emperor of France)once said that the greatest secret of his success was his absolute mastery of time. Mahatma Gandhi (Father of our Nation)also observed punctuality meticulously. It also give us more time to us to think and act. It shows respect to others’ time as well.Judicious Time Management helps us in becoming punctual which in turn make us efficient and skilled. .

socialising with others and finally sitting quietly for a few minutes to get our breadth and compose ourselves to start the work calmly. If the appointed time for doing and finishing things is gone. . it only brings a feeling of guilt in us. the interval can be profitably spent in arranging our thoughts. offices etc early. Hence it is essential for all of us to plan and spend our time wisely.If we reach our schools. colleges.

I would like to quote the following inspiring lines of famous English poet Longfellow:“The Heights achieved and kept by great men were not achieved by sudden flight. while their companions slept.”---RAJ JAGGI . They. were toiling upwards in the night. Eventually.Conclusion If we want to achieve and maintain success in any sphere of life we should keep in mind all the above essentials.