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2-3 Dec 2013, IIC, New Delhi
How do I develop my Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is required by leaders in all areas of operation for greater organizational effectiveness. . With a key focus on selfawareness. Emotional Intelligence is a very contemporary and emerging concept in corporate world. organizations are constantly looking for fresh insights & making endeavour to improve their skills and competence to acquire and maintain the competitive edge. While technology. followers and in developing conflict free enthusiastic work environment and enriching personal life. the people variable remains the focal point for business leadership. resources and machinery can be managed with relative ease. suppliers. •To explore the use of Emotional Intelligence at work and for achieving personal effectiveness. •To provide an opportunity to observe and experiment with behavior in a risk free environment. •To initiate the process of developing Emotional Intelligence.Introduction In a fiercely competitive world. Research indicates that mere possession of high IQ does not guarantee superior performance and success. It has significance in dealing with customers/clients. Emotional Intelligence provides a unique opportunity for soul search and an exciting journey for self-exploration to develop personal effectiveness. There is definite evidence to suggest that Emotional Intelligence plays a crucial role in creating a winning edge. Objective •To expose the participants to the key concepts of Emotional Intelligence.

concepts. •Develop superior qualities as a manager and a leader. •Developing Emotional Intelligence. •Emotional Intelligence. case study and structured learning experiences will add value to the programme. the focus will be on experiential learning. •Diagnosing current level of Emotional Intelligence. •Significantly affect the bottom line. Learning Outcomes/Key takeaways At the end of the programme the participants will: •Have a clear understanding of Emotional Intelligence. •Emotional Intelligence in organizations. •Emotions and their significance. . •Awareness about thinking and feeling. •Emotional Intelligence and success. •Get an insight about themselves to become personally effective •Be in a position to use it at their work place.Topics Covered •Organizational dynamics and features of excellent organizations. Methodology In addition to highly inter-active class room presentations. •Have ability to develop their EI competencies. Group activities. exercises.

however participation by a substitute is allowed. Middle/Sr Management from Industry. Nomination fee is non-refundable.for Rs. 000 Academician: Rs.Who should attend •Line Managers. …………… in favour of All India Management Association.14. Nomination will be confirmed subject to receipt of nomination fees. .36% Enclosed is a draft/cheque No……………. Academic and R&D institutions. New Delhi being the nomination fee for the workshop.. 000 Non Members: Rs. Decision Makers. PSUs.15.10. •Ideally suited for those in leadership role or are being groomed for. Team Leaders. MNCs. 000 Service Tax: @12. Participation Fees AIMA Members: Rs.

Director Alphabet Teletec (P) Ltd. A seasoned Quality professional.Maj Gen NK Dhir (Retd) Maj Gen NK Dhir. Bangalore. Institutional Area. Defence Institute of Quality Assurance. Lodhi Road New Delhi Tel: 011-24645100 Ext: 721/ Fax: 011-24643035. he was . a coach and a much sought after motivational speaker and trainer. He has conducted numerous workshops on Emotional Intelligence which have been highly commended. Cell:9810536427 Email: nidhi@aima. He is the founder Director of National Academy for Training and Development (NATAD) – an institution under the aegis of Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD). He is an M Tech from IIT Delhi.Programme Director Programmed Director . Registration FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CONTACT: Nidhi Sharma Manager Skill Development and Training All India Management Association Management House 14. is a war veteran. a thought leader. an organization under the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA).