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There are two parts : Components in speech Speech types based on delivery method

Public speaking is the process and act of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain a listening audience.

There are five basic elements in public speaking : 1. Who 2. What 3. Whom 4. Medium 5. Effects It often expressed as "who is saying what to whom using what medium with what effects?"

Components in Speech SLMR slimmer Speech Model Speaker Listener Message Response

In the simplest form of delivery speech, the process can be described in terms of the 3Ps : Prepare carefully Practice often Perform with enthusiasm

SPEAKER As a speaker, you often lose partial control for several reasons. 1. The content and purpose of the speech may have been selected by someone else. 2. The medium may have features not for your choosing. 3. The listeners may present you with a challenge.

Rule for the speaker : 1. Dont go on and on 2. Talk in small chunk (a sentence or two) 3. Stop and allow the listener to paraphrase what has been said 4. You can pass the floor any time to the listener to hear his side of the story speak for your listeners, not for yourself

LISTENER Following are some challenges you face in meeting the needs of your listening audience : 1. They have diverse backgrounds 2. They may now want to be listening to a speech right now. 3. They have short attention spans

Your listeners have : Diverse backgrounds No willingness tobe listening to a speech right now Short attention spans

Rule for the listener : 1. Paraphrase what the speaker is saying 2. You can ask for example or explanations of something that the speaker said 3. Dont offer your opinions or interoretations until you get the floor 4. Concentrate on what the speaker is saying and attempt to edit out your internal response

MESSAGE Message is the part for which the speaker is responsible. It has two main parts : 1. Content Content includes the information you deliver. 2. Form Form includes the structures of the message. Its style ad the features of your delivery.

Here are some essential tasks related to pro and icing an effective message : Locating specific information about your listeners. Shaping the speech around their expectations.

Following a simple structure for the text. Practicing in a way that prepares you for the real thing. Staying flexible enough to respond to feedback.

RESPONSE There are two emphasises of the speech to be the response : 1. The reaction of listeners during and after the speech process. 2. The corresponding response of the speaker.

Listeners express theirresponses in three main ways : 1. As nonverbal behaviour before and during the speech. 2. As questions immediately after the speech. 3. As questions or comments received later.

Here are a few points to consider about listener response : Establish rapport before the speech. Observe body language during the speech. Adjust your speech in response to the audience. Handle the question period as if its a continuation of the speech. Provide follow-up as closure.

In the first moment of speech, listeners can observe what mode of delivery the speaker has selected. In this instant they form an immediate impression of the speaker.



using exactly the same word

For this mode of delivery in the following situation 1. when they believe the exact phrasing of the speech is crucial to its effect on the audience. 2. when they're concerned they may speak too long if they don't have a prescribed text 3. when they like the "comfort zone" of prepared presentation where by they only have to read words on a page

The weakness of Verbatim is that when you read your speech, you're communicating with the text instead of the audience.

A memorized speech refers to a speech that the speaker has mastered in his mind. A memorized speech is simply a speech which you memorize what you wish to speak about and do not use any notes.

Speakers with good memories sometimes choose this format for the following reason:
They believe it will help them not to deviate from the topic. They think memorizing the speech shows the audience that they have prepared well. They believe they will be able to focus more on delivery when they are not dealing with an outline or notes.


The term extemporaneus (or extemp) refer : to a speech that is delivered from note

Extemporaneous speech topics tutorial including preparation in three steps and fourteen exemplars for improvisation

Extemporaneus From those definition we can get conclusion that An extemporaneous speech is an impromptu speech given on any topic. Usually there is very little time to prepare for the talk. Extemporaneous speaking is also a competitive activity in which students learn to think on the spot and develop better analytical skills

three specified types of extemporaneous speeches

1) High School And College Assignments 2) Tournaments 3) Business Presentations

3 Steps These three steps for preparing extemporaneous

The First Step - Analyze what extemporaneous question you have to answer:
o Questions of fact - Characterized by is and are, or will or would. o Questions of value - Characterized by should. o Questions of policy - Characterized by can and could. Often used for an political discour.

The Second Step - Determine if it is informative or persuasive. The words what, which and who indicate that it is an informative issue. The words should and why indicate that it is a persuasive issue.

The Third Step - Always stay with your subject. In other words: never change the ideas. Now, organize your ideas and points effectively. You can use the outline technique below. Focus on your subject and think about the various angles

An impromptu speech is delivered on the spot with no serious preparation. It usually occurs when you feel compelled rise to speak an issue at meeting. ( Modul : Drs Zakaria, M.Pd. ) The impromptu speech is given without any preparation, any notes or other additional materials; it is a spontaneous reaction to the topic at hand which may introduce an interesting turn to the discussion. (

We can conclude that An impromptu speech is delivered without preparation or thought ahead of time.

How to give a great impromptu speech :

Get used to talking in front of other people Remember your audience Try and get the audience involved Try and twist your topic Incorporate humor If you're facing a more serious impromptu speech, you have to be confident about yourself.

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