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The Most Wanted ECGs in Emergency Room. How to Read? How to Manage? Dr. M.

Yusuf Suseno, SpJP, FIHA

Telogorejo Heart Centre, Semarang. Elisabeth Hospital, Purwokerto. Harapan Ibu Hospital, Purbalingga

1. 30 years old male with atypical chest pain after heavy exercise

Normal Sinus 70x/min axis Normal with Early Repolarization

2. 35 years old woman with sharp chest pain at episgastrium

Normal Sinus Rhythm 60x/min, axis N

3. 45 years old man with hypertension, 180/90

Sinus, 80x/min, LAD

4. 40 years old man, fever, BP 170/90

Sinus Tachycardia 150 x/min

5. 55 years old man with shortness of breath

Sinus 100x/min, Complete RBBB

6. 65 years old man, chest pain.

Sinus, 66 x/min, AV Block gr1, LBBB

7. Female, 75 years old, pre syncope, take bisoprolol 5 mg for 2 weeks

Sinus Bradikardi 35x/min

8. 34 years old man, dyspnea, poor renal function

nus 80x/min, tall T at V3-V6 Suspect due to Hyperkalem

9. 45 y.o man, 2 hours ago got palpitation.

Sinus, 80x/ min, WPW

10. 54 y.o man, post PCI 2 years ago, atypical chest pain

Sinus, 80x/min, AV Block gr 1, Complete LBBB

11. Female 65, shortness of breath

AF Rapid Response100-170 x/min

12. Man 40 y.o, just wanna check his ECG.

Sinus, 90x/min, normal axis, AV Block grade 1

13. Female, 30 y.o, palpitation

SVT 200 x/min

14. Female 70 y.o, post syncope.

Total AV Block, VER 50 x/min/Complete LBBB

15. Female 45 y.o palpitation

SVT 170 x/min

16. Female, 60, post PCI 2 month ago, dizziness

Sinus 66 x/min, AV Block Grade 2 Mobitz type 1, artefak

17. Man 50 years old 80/50


18. Female 30 years old in partu with congenital heart diseases

Sinus 80 x/min, PAC Trigemini, Complete RBBB

19. Man 60 years old, post trombolitik

Accelerated Ventricular Rhythm

20. Man 60 years old palpitation and syncope take amiodaron

Sinus, PVC, VT, Torsade de Pointes

21. Male 60 years old, dyspneu.

Total AV Block with Junctional Rhthm 50x/min, RAE, LAE

22. Male 45 y.o palpitation.

Atrial Flutter 2:1

23. Female 40 y.o dyspneu taking digoxin from GP

Sinus Bradi 55x/min, PVC Bigemini

24. Woman 34 y.o palpitation, dyspneu.

AF Rapid Response 110-170 x/min

25. Male 50 y.o weakness

Junctional Escape Rhythm 55x/min

26. Woman, 35, Hyperthyroid, palpitation.

AF Rapid Response 100-180x/min

27.Male, 70 yo, general weakness, anoreksia.

Sinus 80x/min AV Block grade 2 Mobitz type 1 PVC

28. Male 60 yo, palpitation, BP 80/60

SVT 180x/min

29. Male 25, CKD, miss his 2 last dialysis

Sinus Arrest with Ventricular Escape Rhythm Tall T due to Hyperkalemia

30. Male 60 yo, NSTEMI, suddenly collapse, BP 100/60

Wide QRS tachycardia, Suspect VT

31. Female, 60 yo, Uncontrolled DM, atypical chest pain, shock.

Sinus 120 x/min, superior axis, Large Anterior STEMI

32. Male 45 yo, syncope 2 hours ago.

Sinus 50 x/min, Large Anterior STEMI

33. Male 78 yo, abdominal discomfort, nausea

Sinus 70x/min, STEMI Inferior

RV Infarct !

34. Male 50, typical chest pain after tennis.

Sinus 90x/min, LAA, Large Anterior Ischemia

35. Male 45 y.o, shortness of breath, start 3 month ago

Sinus 70x/min, normal axis, OMI Antsep, Large Anterior Ischemia

36. Female 75 yo, chest pain since 2 days, early pulmonary edema, BP 90/60.

Sinus 80 x/min, RAD, Ischemia Anterior and Inferior

37. Male 55 yo, typical chest pain 6 h ago after dinner.

Sinus 70 x/min, Anterolateral STEMI

38. Male 67 yo, chest pain lasting 30 minutes yesterday

Sinus 80x/min, Recent IMA Inferior

39. Female 50 yo, acute heart failure, starting chest pain 2 days ago.

Sinus 100x/min, STEMI Anterior

40. Male 80 yo, no chest pain, demensia.

Sinus 75x/min, Recent IMA Anterior

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