Visual Basic for Application

Basic Excel Macro (VBA) Orientation Course


Course Objectives:

To have a basic knowledge on VBA To be able to learn the VBA Programming Fundamentals To be able to make VBA programs

Course Outline:

Introduction to VBA Getting Started with VBA part 1 Getting Started with VBA part 2 VBA Object Oriented Programming VBA Userforms & Additional Controls

Introduction to VBA:
What is VBA
Visual Basic -4GL, Visual Program Development, GUI -created in Integrated Development Environment, IDE -Rapid Application Development (RAD) languages Visual Basic for Application -programming language created by Microsoft that can built into applications -Purpose: to enhance and automate operations -VisiCalc
1970 1983 1982 1985 1994

Lotus 1-2-3




VBA(Excel 5)

-part of an Office applications -compatible for Excel 97 onward

Introduction to VBA:
Why use VBA?
-Automate tedious processes -Enhance the User Experience -Hide the Underlying Complexity of a spreadsheet -Integrate with another application or database -Prevent the modification of certain aspects of a spreadsheet

Why use Excel?
-You can build on the functionality of Excel rather than starting from scratch -Excel is already installed on nearly every corporate PC -Excel applications are easy to distribute -Excel applications can be developed very rapidly -VBA is relatively easy to learn

Introduction to VBA:

Data & Information

Workbook Worksheets Charts

VBE Modules VBA Codes Userforms

Introduction to VBA:
-Visual Basic Editor -VBA IDE -VBA Development Environment

Getting To Know Your Environment

-provides with a number of tools for the development of the program

Getting to the VBA Environment
Tools Menu Shortcut

Introduction to VBA:
VBA Development Environment Menu bar Standard Toolbar Project Explorer Window Properties Window Code Window Watch Window Local Window Immediate Window

Getting To Know Your Environment

Introduction to VBA:
Microsoft Excel Objects

Getting To Know Your Environment

-Specific/Common functions that are available for the repeated use -Excel Worksheets/Workbooks/Charts/Cells

Userforms that can be added to the project

Container of the procedures or codes

Class Modules
Special kind of Module that allows custom objects

Introduction to VBA:
Excel Macro
-Procedure (VBA) -Record actions and translate it into VBA *Record any task you can do in Excel *Every stroke is recorded, Errors as well

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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