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Job Enlargement

Job enlargement involves performing a variety of

jobs or operation at the same time.
Argyris feels that it avoid monotony which result in
high degree of specialisation and division of labour.
However , herzberg feels there merely giving a
person different kinds of job is not enough because
the basic nature of job remains same. As such, it does
not act as a motivating factor.Rather, there should be
upgradation the authority and responsibility.
Job Enrichment
 The concept of job enrichment is derived from
herzberg’s two-factor theory.
 Job enrichment is concerned with designing job that
includes greater variety of work content, which require
high level of knowledge and skill; giving workers more
autonomy and provides him opporptunities for
authority, advancement, recognition, responsibility and
also provides opportunity for personal growth.
 Empowerment has emerged from the proponents of
Total Quality Management(TQM).giving employees
authority and ability to do the job.

It is defined as “any process that provides greater

autonomy through the sharing of relevant information
and the provision of control over factors affecting the
job performance”
5 approaches for empowerment:

elping employees achieve job mastery- giving training ,

coaching and guided experience

llowing more control- giving employees discretion over job


Job mastery successful role models.

Providing Self confidence
More self-conrol
High values to job
Role models Better
Using social Increased.use of
Reinforcement Performanc
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Giving emotional support.