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By Nederita Liliana

New Zealand land of the long white cloud

Aotearoa (from Mori ="land of the long white cloud") is the current Mori name for New Zealand It is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprising the North Island and the South Island and numerous smaller islands.

Situated in the East of Australia it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans

The Flag

The Money

A Distinctive Fauna

During its long isolation New Zealand developed a distinctive fauna dominated by birds, many of which became extinct after the arrival of humans The forests were dominated by birds, and the lack of mammalian predators led to some like the kiwi, kakapo and takah evolvi ng flightlessness.The arrival of humans, associated changes to habitat, and the introduction of rats, ferrets and other mammals led to the extinction of many bird species, including large birds like the moa and Haast's eagle.

Kiwi - a national icon and a nickname

While a New Zealand citizen is called a New Zealander, the informal "Kiwi" is commonly used both internationally and by locals.

First Settlers
Polynesians settled New Zealand in 12501300 AD, developing a distinctive Mori culture, and Europeans first made contact in 1642 AD. In 1840 the British and Mori signed a treaty making New Zealand a colony of the British Empire.


The majority of New Zealand's population is of European descent; the indigenous Mori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and non-Mori Polynesians. English, Mori and New Zealand Sign Language are the official languages, with English predominant.

The Government in the beehive building

NZ is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy The Parliament of New Zealand holds legislative power and consists of the Sovereign (represented by the GovernorGeneral) and the House of Representatives Executive political power is exercised by the Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister Queen Elizabeth II is the country's head of state and is represented by a Governor-General The Prime Minister at present is John Key

Historically, extractive industries have contributed strongly to New Zealand's economy, focusing at different times on sealing, whaling, flax, gold, kauri gum, and native timber The high demand for agricultural products from the United Kingdom and the United States helped New Zealanders achieve higher living standards

New Zealand is heavily dependent on international trade, particularly in agricultural products. Its principal export industries are agriculture, horticulture, fishing, forestry and mining

Raising sheep one of the most widely practiced jobs

Raising and breeding of domestic sheep is one of the most widely practiced professions in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Wool is New Zealands major agricultural export

Mainly an agricultural country

A Young Country

As one of the youngest countries, New Zealand's reputation has steadily grown as a tourist destination. Tourism plays a significant role in New Zealand's economy Due to it the service sector is the largest sector in the economy, followed by manufacturing and construction and then farming and raw material extraction.

The first country the sun shines on

Theres a reason the sun shines on New Zealand before anywhere else every new day in New Zealand is something to cherish!

Small, remote and thinly populated, NZ is amazing with its outlandish scenery, fabulous festivals, superb food and wine, and magical outdoor experiences.

Extensive vineyards and excellent wines


Many tourists travel to Glaciers on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand and specialized equipment for ice climbing is needed to have a closer look at these beautifully formed crevasses. You can see during a 40 minutes flight with Glacier Helicopters the Westland, South Island, glaciers.
Crevasses on Franz Josef Glacier

Fox Glacier

Melting ice on the glaciers show the effects of global warming This glacier is very sensitive to climate change As the ice melts underneath, the gravel collapses under the weight and ponds and lakes form. round rock and ice particles are responsible for the brilliant blue colour of the water of this glacier lake which was seen high up on Fox Glacier You can take a 40 minutes flight with Glacier Helicopters to get an aerial view of the Glaciers in Westland, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

From Glacers to Te Pukatea Bay a paradise on Earth

In Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, the beach at Te Pukatea Bay
It is one of the sunniest locations in New Zealand with mid summer temperatures reaching average highs of 25 degrees C.

Piha Beach

Anaura Bay Gisborne

Bay of Islands

Te-Werahi Beach

Pacific Wave

Nugget Point Lighthouse

Beautiful Scenic Waterfalls

Lots of them

Milford Sound

Mountain Cook

Mitre Peak

NZ a Skiing Destination

Countrys best one-day-walk the Tongariro Crossing

A 17 kilometers, point-to-point hike Hiking through a plateau with two million years of volcanism underfoot and two active cones smoldering ominously overhead See the famous Mordor mountain from the Lord of the Rings the chance to traverse 5 ecosystems in only eight hoursfrom hills purple with heather to dense rain forest, through arid badlands to steam-wreathed volcano summitsthe sort of diversity that usually requires multiple days in the backcountry, and sometimes multiple countries.

Pink mud, green grass - Lake Taupo

Nearly 2,000 years ago, a volcanic crater began to fill with water, forming what is now New Zealand's largest lake. Just beyond Taupo is another dynamic wonderland, the Wairakei Natural Thermal Valley, where pink mud pits boil and hot springs bubble and the incongruously icy Waikato River thunders through a chasm and over Huka Falls.

Bay of Islands a great holiday destination all year round

144 islands Enthusiasts come from all over the globe in pursuit of marlin, broad bills and game sharks Dive or snorkel Paddle a sea kayak Swim with dolphins

Beautiful lakes with mountain views

Champagne Lake at Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland, Rotorua

Kaikoura Peninsula

The world's most symmetrical volcanic cones

In Egmont National Park MountainTarana ki or Mt. Egmont are unforgettable during beautiful sunsets over the coastal scenery of the West Coast, North Island, NZ

Fabulous view from above

Besides scenery some pretty amazing architecture

Architecture expressing the national character

Some skyscrapers too

Auckland City

Maori Culture

Demonstrations are performed for tourists to enjoy on the games, carving, tatooists, weavers and musicians of the Maori people and their village.

Demonstration of Maori games

Primary and secondary schooling is compulsory for children aged 6 to 16. There are 13 school years and attending public schools is free. Christianity is the predominant religion in New Zealand