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Unit 14


Teacher in charge Class Date
: Tong Thi Kim Lien : 10A1 : March, 2008

WARM UP The cup of life Hips don’t lie .




Kaka .


Oliver Kahn .


Ronaldo .


nghỉ việc Ambassador (n) /æm'bæsədə/: đại sứ Promote (v) /prə'mout/:thăng chức. coi như Kick (v) /kik/: đá. sút ghi bàn Control (v) /kən'troul/: điều khiển Join (v) / dʒɔin/ = participate Championship (n) /'t∫æmpjən∫ip/: chức vô địch Score (v) /skɔ:/ : ghi bàn Brazil (n) /brə'zil/ Hero (n) /'hiərou/: anh hùng Retire (v) /ri'taiə/: về hưu. thúc đẩy . thúc đẩy  promotion / prə'mou∫n/: sự thăng chức.VOCABULARY • • • • • • • • • • • • Consider (v) /kən'sidə/: xem như.

YEAR (1)______ 1956 (3)______ (4)______ 1977 (5)_______________________________ .200th goal You will hear some information about Pelé. Listen and complete the table below.• TASK 1: WHILE YOU LISTEN EVENTS Born in Brazil (2)_______________________________ First world club championship 1. a famous Brazilian football player.

What did Pele do after his retirement? → He became an international ambassador for the sport. What was Pele famous for as a football player? How many World Cup did he participate in? 2. Where did he played football before he retired? → He played for an American football before he retired.TASK 2: 1. 3. working to promate peace and understanding through friendly sport activities. 4. → He participated in three World Cup. . → He was famous for his powerful kicking and controlling the ball.

WOKING IN GROUPS • Talk about the milestones in Pelé’s life. AFTER YOU LISTEN .

here we go. go.. . Right from the hands of fate Reach for the cup of life. por una estrella Consigue con honor. Ale.. Ale. ale ale ale. la copa del amor Para sobrevivir y luchar por ella Luchar por ella (YEAH) Do you really want it. trois. go . ale ale ale. Hay que sonar. If you really want it Just steal your destiny. Go. Ale.. ale ale ale Go. Un. competicion.. we're gonna celebrate The cup of life!!! Ale. Go. don't ever stop Push it along. es un partido cruel. tres.gol! Ale. yeah • The cup of life. go. Go. go. Ale Ale! Arriba va! El mundo esta de pie... Ale Tonight's the night. right to the top Como Cain y Abel. Go.(YEAH) Tu y yo! Ale. Ale La vida es. go! Ale. this is the one. Now is the time.. ser campeon La copa es. Go. go. gotta be strong. The world is at your feet No one can hold you down. Ale Ale. Ale Ale! Go. (YEAH) Here we go! Ale.(YEAH) Do you really want it. Ale. go. 'Cause your name is on it Do you really want it. Go! And when you feel the heat.. Tienes que pelear. Un. dos. Gol!! Ale. Push it along. la bendicion.THE CUP OF LIFE • Go. deux. La ganaras.

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