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Working with EtaPRO Client

Prepared by: Eng. Bari Dominguez, Feb 2009


Overview of EtaPRO system

Information Flow Network Setup

Starting and stopping the EtaPRO Client Software EtaPRO server Connections

Connecting to Other EtaPRO servers Setting the Default Server Enabling the Autoconnect Feature Setting Default StartUp Screen Types of Screens

System Screens

EtaPRO Data Points Configuration Form


EtaPRO is a Client/Server application to serve performance information for all levels Customized to meet each site needs and comes with:

Performance calculation library. Powerfull display builder. High performance data historian (OSIsoft PI/ECHO). Trend and analysis tool. Excel based reporting (EPReporter). Electronics Operations Log. Critical event notification tool (EPAlert). Flexible data adquisition options.



System and component performance monitoring Comparison of actual to predicted performance Storage of actual to predicted performance Storage of historical data(plant field readings and calculated values) Configuration capabilities Filtered historical data for trending

EtaPRO/PI Information Flow


PI Data Interface

(3) PI Snapshot Table (PI Points)

Source Tag Value Tag Quality Tag

Source Tag Value Tag Quality Tag

EtaPRO Server (EtaPRO Data Points)

(6) MSDE

(4) PI Data Archive

(7) EPTransfer Component (9)

OPC Server (OPC Items)

EtaPRO Clients

EtaPRO/PI/ECHO Information Flow


PI Data Interface

(3) PI Snapshot Table (PI Points)

Source Tag Value Tag Quality Tag

Source Tag

EtaPRO Server (EtaPRO Data Points)

(6) MSDE

(4) PI Data Archive

(7) EPTransfer Component

OPC Server (OPC Items)

(9) Redirector (8)

EtaPRO Clients (10) ECHO Historian (ECHO Points)
Value Tag Quality Tag

Used when you don;t have PI

Network Setup

Normally EtaPRO is installed in the LAN/WAN environment to allow sharing of performance information at all plant levels.

EtaPRO Hardware

Windows 2003 Server or better

Windows XP

EtaPRO Software


This application is used to:

Acquire field data Perform calculations Archive historical data Provide real time and historical information to the workstation applications.

It accesses data from the source, performs calculations and maintains and updates the instantaneous data files, as well as the PI Data Archive.

Components Installed in the server:

MSDE/SQL Server Express to store client/server configuration databases EtaPRO OPC (OLE for Process Control) to allow OPC applications to communicate with EtaPRO server. Peformance Calculation Library to calculate the performance of most major plant equipment ECHO to store calculated results with GP/OEM EtaPRO Systems. GP Ops Center Central repository for important information Data Packager to detach and reattach the Etapro configuration databases from MSDE/SQL server for troubleshooting or configuration maintenance purposes Upgrader to validate EtaPRO 8 results against EtaPRO 9 Upgrade EtaPRO 8X Configuration to easily upgrade an existing EtaPRO 8 configuration to EtaPRO 9, including etaPRO 8 screens.

Client Software

Used to

view real-time and historical information. Configure and maintain the EtaPRO configuration on the server Access the other EtaPRO tools Data point displays Integrated engineering units conversion System configuration tool System builder tool Historical trend recovery tool Diagnostics maker Electronic Operations Log EPAlert GPSteam library& properties calculator


The client updates with new data the EtaPRO server at a user defined rate, typically once each minute.

Methods of acquiring data from external devices

Direct PI Connection
EtaPRO points are directly connected to a PI Data Archive to retrieve required process data. All PI tags settings are stored in the System Configuration Database Our OSIsoft PI system is installed on the EtaPRO server(Supplied by GP).

OPC (OLE for Process Control)

This allows EtaPRO to connect to any OPC data source on a point by point basis. The System Administrator simply browses to the desired OPC source and seats the OPC tags into EtaPRO.

System Operational Requirements


following must be true for the workstations to access and use EtaPRO:
EtaPRO server running Windows 2003 OS PI system running EtaPRO server software running Workstations must be on-line, connected to the EtaPRO server and running the EtaPRO client software

Starting the EtaPRO Client Software


up the workstation Click the EtaPRO 9.0 Client icon located in

Start | Programs Files | EtaPRO


to OSF EtaPRO security is configured using EtaPRO security it will display the log in window, enter username and password Because autostart is configured it will auto connect to the selected server.

Security Settings

It is managed through the configuration tool in the client software Two modes of security available

EtaPRO Windows
Based on windows user names and group names

Four security roles can be set for each unit configuration. The order of precedence used by EtaPRO is:

Deny Deny access to EtaPRO Administrator can make all type of change User add user screens and trends View read only In addition a top level of Administrator can be defined to have full control of EtaPRO.

System Alarms

Alarm checks are performed on all values displayed in EtaPRO Two alarm categories

Quality Alarms
Indicate a problem with the reliability or accuracy of a data point value Have precedence over operational alarms (Data point with quality problem operational is not performed). This type of alarm cascades to other data points that depend on the data point in alarm.

Operational Alarms
Indicates how a data point value compares with normal and safe plant operating limits

When a data point is in alarm the background color for the data point will change color.


Help | Alarms Legend

Alarm Types

Bad Field Status

If the PO system indicates a bad input(bad, iotimeout,etc), a default is substituted for an acquired data point experiencing a data input failure A point not available from its data source, a default will replace it

Data Acquisition Failure

Out-of-Integrity Range

Point outside of its integrity range limits

EtaPRO had determined inconsistent value with physical Characteristics of the plant process Ocurrs when information for a point is configured incorrectly


Database Configuration Error

EtaPRO Data Points

Acquired points types (Pag. 2-13)

Acquired are process variables, i.e., pressure, temp. Etc. retrieved from a DCS, OPC server or OPC client connected to EtaPRO. They also can be calculated values from a DCS or spreadsheet. Operations Log comes from the operations data log and can be stored in PI. The original data source convention is recommended to be used(name from DCS). In some cases you will have the numerical value (Tag) and the other tag for alarm status of the tag. This names consist of a unit designator appended to the EtaPRO point ID. For example, in Unit 1 for the tag GTJIT100, it will be U1.GTJIT100. Is a point that is not directly acquired from a external source. There are four types:
User Defined Formula Points

Acquired Points ID names

OPC Tag Names

Derived(Non-Acquired) points

Uses an equation with appropiate independent variables(points) Initialized with XYZ coordinates. Up to three pairs of coordinates variablesfor a family of six curves can be used to model the relationship between the sched data point and two independent variables(points). Calculation template from the performance calculation library and other points. Digital calculation template and appropiate arguments (other digital data points). The digital calculation returns a value or status.

XY Coordinate Schedule Points

Calculation Template Points

Digital Label Points

Derived Points Naming Convention

The following example shows the format (pag 214):

Tag: TPT.IR0.D Legend: T = 1 Char intermediate/screen P = 1 Char Process identifier T = 1 Char System/Component IR0 = 3 Char identifier D = 1 Char Suffix

Using the tables on page 2-14, 15, 16 this point is interpreted as a calculated data point for a design turbine extraction pressure off the intermediate pressure section that is displayed on the turbine screen.

Intermediate Points Characteristics:

Has one or more acquired points (A-type) as an argument Configured uniquely for a given system Uses calculation template 002(value = default value) Configured for the electronic operations log or virtual plant.

Mapping Tool

the hierarchical structure (similar to a directory) used to configure any data point in EtaPRO. Also, identify where the data point is used(reverse mapping) in the calculation of derived data.

EtaPRO Trending


The trend recovery feature allows up to 15 data points to be trended versus time.(time scale can be changed) Click Trend recovery button or View | Trend Recovery