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Secret Lairs: The Undead Knight.
Scarlett Freeman. 07/11/2013

Character Profile.
As my character is an Undead Knight I wanted to completely move away from the stereotypical zombie Knight. I found this image of a yellow knight all slumped and tired unimpressed even and that immediately sparked an idea to create my character as being somewhat comical. A ghostly Knight isn't bothered with anything, an old fart really. Which lead me to look at the character from other films that had the same features

I started to research some characters who look really lazy and bored. I wanted to find some characters who look like they aren't really interested or bothered because that is what I want my character to be like. I even created a background story for him. My undead or ghostly knight is names Larry. As I felt Larry is very common old man's name. Larry is cursed with the duty to look after a castle. Throughout the years Larry has grown fat and lazy as he is a ghost who doesn't really have much to do as the castle isn't in harms way. Larry spends all his time in the castle library to keep himself entertained as he doesn't have much else to do. His hero prop is a chain of many big bulky keys to allow him to roam free of the castle and enter any room he wants.

Secret Lair.

Visual Concept: The Library
 For my secret lair I wanted to create a place in a castle to have some form of backbone to my story. As my character is a lazy knight I wanted him to have some interest within the castle like the library. I’m focusing on one point perspective at the moment as I am finding it the easiest way to portray the library visually. I’m looking at high celling interiors with lavish décor. In my influence maps I tried to find images of art deco to get an idea of what my castle will look like but at the same time I want to modernize it so it feels relatable to our time period.  Key factors I want placed in my lair are stairs and chandeliers as it gives a nice representation of wealth and royalty.  In my research I looked into designing of the room like how the pillars would looks. Or how the library is set up and I found a few interesting things I could use like tiles or stairs. Even lighting is used to capture the richness in a room.

Key Thumbnails

Hero Prop: Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key
 For my hero prop I wanted my character to have something a little comical and out of the norm. So I decided for him to have a Skeleton Key, to allow him into any room in the castle. This key isn’t like any ordinary key though as it is a very big oversized bulky key that Larry wears around his neck. Its so big in size so he doesn’t lose it.  I want the key to have very expensive and eye catching features on it. Like emeralds, diamonds and gold to match with the extravagance of the library. On the key I want it to have representation that it belongs in a castle so I want it to have the shape of a crown.

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