Fish Dance Eliminations – August 21, 2009 Miss Gensan Screening – August 22, 2009 Body Fest Screening – August 23, 2009

Tuna Congress – August 28-30, 2009

Tuna Fiesta Carnival – August 15-September 8 Tinda-tinda sa GTX – August 22-September 8 Tuna Food Plaza – August 22-September 8 SMB Barkada Zone – August 28-September 5 Jobs Fair – September 1-2 (KCC Convention Center) Blood Pressure Screening Event – September 1-5 National Open Bowling Championship – September 1-6 (Tokyok’s)

Tuna Congress (Day 1) – Lagao Gym (8am) Body Fest Pre-Judging – Family Country Hotel’s Andrea Ticia Resto Bar & Pool (7pm)

Tuna Congress (Day 2) – Lagao Gym (8am) Drag Racing Competition (Day 1) – Sinawal Road (9am) National Skim Boarding Competition (Day 1) – Queen Tuna Park (9am) Culinary Expo Experience (Day 1) – Gaisano Atrium (10am) Miss Gensan Talent Night – Gaisano Atrium (3pm)

Cross Country Mountain Bike Challenge – Tambler, Espina (6am) National Skim Boarding Competition (Day 2) – Queen Tuna Park (9am) Drag Racing Competition (Day 2) – Sinawal Road (9am) Culinary Expo Experience (Day 2) – Gaisano Atrium (10am) Fashion Extravaganza – Gaisano Atrium (3pm)

Flag Raising Ceremonies – Covered Court (8am) Culinary Expo Experience (Day 3) – Gaisano Atrium (10am) 2nd Fish Dance Eliminations – Gaisano (2pm) Munting Mutya ng Gensan Fashion Show – Gaisano (4pm) Grand Ceremonial Opening – Oval Stage (5pm) Splash in the Sky (7pm) Disco sa GTX – Oval Stage (8pm)

Cheer Dance Competition – Lagao Gym (1pm) Fish Dance Finals – Covered Court (6pm) Ginang Bariles Pageant – Oval Plaza Stage (7pm)

Grand Fish Fest sa Fish Port – Fish Port (8am) Tuna Pop Song Writing Finals – Oval Stage (7pm) Sayaw Sa Baybay (Kids Edition) – Covered Court (7pm)

Almusal Alay sa Kapwa – Covered Court (8am) Tunafest HRM Skills Olympics – KCC CC (9am) Body Fest Modeling Finals – Gaisano (4pm) Sound System Rumble – Oval Stage (7pm) Centerpoint Band Rocks GTX – Covered Court (7pm)

3rd PAMET Mindanao Regional Conference – TBA (8am) Miss Gensan Pageant – Gaisano (4pm) Pop Star Kids Finals – Oval Stage (6pm) Praize Xtrm Finals – Covered Court (7pm) Sashimi Night – Le Jardin Arnevel’s (7pm) Smart Presents: Live Concert – Oval Stage (9pm) Splash Party @ Family Country Hotel – Andrea Ticia (7pm) Street Party – EARH Grounds (8pm)

Thanksgiving Mass – OLPGV Church(6am) Bancarera – Queen Tuna Park (6am) Charter Anniversary Program (7:30am) – GPS Shrine Pamahaw at Pasasalamat (9am) - CMO

Float Light Parade – Pioneer Avenue (3pm) GTX Mardi Gras – Pioneer Avenue (3pm) Coke’s Open Happiness Zone – Covered Court (3pm) Kapuso Mall Tour – KCC (3pm)

GTX Mardi Gras – Oval Grounds Float Light Parade – Oval Grounds 41st Charter Anniversary Program – Oval Stage
Best of Gensan Show Karagatan Awards

Splash in the Sky Globe Presents: Live Concert – Oval Stage Disco sa GTX – Oval Grounds Street Party Redux – EARH Grounds

Youth Fishtival – Oval Covered Court (1pm) Munting Mutya ng Gensan Pageant – Gaisano Mall (3pm)

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