E-Le arn ing In Te ac he r Edu ca tion

“ It is not the str onges t of the speci es that survi ves, nor the most int el ligent-but the one m os t res ponsi ve to change”

Lear ni ng facilit ated and su ppor ted thr ough t he us e of inf or ma ti on and communica ti o ns tec hnolog y.

W hat is E Lea r ni ng?

E- Lear ni ng us es tec hnol ogi es suc h as:

• E-Mai l

• Bul letin Boar d Sys tems

• Elect roni c W hi te boar d • Cha tt ing

• Video Conf er enci ng • Wor ld W ide Web

E-Learning means• Excit ing • Energetic • Enthusia st ic • Emotional • Extended • Excelle nt • Educational

E- Learni ng has fol low ing strengths : • Access ib il ity for indi vidu als who wish to learn at thei r ow n pace, pl ace a nd time • Provi des a pl atf orm f or vi rtual learni ng

• Augmen ts uninterrupted l earni ng through di stance mode • Reduces the di stan ce betwe en the te ach er and the taught • Pe rmi ts fl exi -ti mi ngs for learni ng

Advantages of E-Lear ning

E-l earni ng is an Int eresti ng Cl assr oom

E-Learni ng encompass es of on- line Sel f Paced Cour ses & onl ine- line Vi rt ual Cl as sroom

Eas y maki ng o f Ass ignm ent s & Proj ect work

Fl ex ibi lity to le arn Anywhere, Anyti me

On Demand Acc ess

More conven ient for Students , I nstr uctors and Admi ni stra tors

Hi gher Retent ion

Ind ivi dual Att enti on &Feedback by Inst ructor


col laborati on

Means for Lif e- Long Learni ng

Disadva ntag e s of E-Le ar ning

• E-l earni ng is Not a So lut ion for Eve rythi ng

• So ci al Interacti on is Reduced

• In Corporate Learni ng, empl oyees are expected to work eve n i n thei r ow n fr ee t ime

• Students need to be extreme ly focused and di sci pli ned

• To downl oad hi gh- densi ty graphi cs and in teracti ve vi deos, broadband netw ork is prefe rred whi ch is costl y

• E-l earni ng poses Updati ng and Mai ntenance di ff icult ies

How to Im ple men t E-Le arnin g In Te ac he r Edu ca tion

ELearni ng Ble nde d Learni ng Tradi ti onal Learni ng

Cre ating Blen ded Le arnin g In

A Tea che r Trai ni ng Ins ti tute can create its ow n Webs ite or Students & Teachers can create thei r ow n Blog

Wri ti ng of Lesso n Pl ans & its Appr oval by Teachers Onl in e

Whi le tr aine es a re away fr om the insti tute fo r teachi ng practi ce, teachers can keep them up- to- date through SM S or E-Mai ls

Stude nts can also sha re inform ati on r egardi ng thei r progress i n school s with teachers t hrough EMai ls

Ass ignmen ts can be submi tte d Onl ine a nd Feedback can be pro vi ded by teachers Onl ine

The Clas s Pres en tati ons & Notes can be made avai labl e Onl ine f or students who could n’ t make it for th e day

In Si mul ated Teachi ng , the lessons of t he s tudents can be recorded through Di gi tal C amera

Micro Tea chi ng ski lls l ike Questi oni ng, B lackboard Wri ti ng, Sti mul us Vari ati on etc can be exp lai ned through case study v ideos

The Experi ments on whi ch Learni ng Theor ies are based can be s how n through Vi deos

Usi ng ‘Hot Pot atoes’ sof tw are , an interacti ve web based teachi ng exerci se, teachers can bri ng novel ty in Fo rmati ve Evalu atio n

Co nclusion:

Technol ogy is being used in every spher e of educat ion- be it Medi cal , Engi neeri ng or Manageme nt . So why not in Teacher Edu cat ion. It is hi gh ti me & we cannot af ford to be lef t behi nd. It is, theref ore, strongl y recomme nde d that ELearni ng sho uld be inco rporated in Teacher Educati on in the form of Bl ended Learni ng i.e. for Better Learni ng & Teachi ng .

Thank you

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