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Business Communication
Dr. Smita Choudhary

Internal Business Communication-Electronic Media and Shareholder Communication

Unit Outline
1. What is an internet? Advantages and disadvantages 2.Communicating through email Principles of email communication Email etiquette 3. Communication with shareholders

Communication through intranet

Characteristics Private website exclusive to the company Tool for internal sharing of information Suited for different types of organizations Facilitates communication and distribution of information

Communication through intranet

Benefits Discourages rumors Helps shortlist ideas prior to meeting Saves time Avoids information overload created by email Disadvantages Initial expense Maintenance and updating of content Investment in employee training Resistance from old economy

Communication through email

Principles of email communication

Attention(watch) to content- confidentiality not guaranteed Attention(pay) to tone- email is impersonal and brief Include a Specific subject line- indicates content Place Important information first facilitates reading Explanation of attachments- helps assess priority Use of to and cc- messages to right people

Communication through email

Principles of email communication
Attention to a appearance and brevity- increase readability WIFM (Whats in it for me) principle stress reader benefits Clearing and organizing mailbox(Tidy)- easy retrieval Proof reading messages Email vs. face to face communication appropriate use

Watch Ps and Qs- polite language(please,Thankyou Avoid shouting use of all caps Avoid emoticons-symbols and acronyms Use salutations and sign-offs- personal tone Respond promptly Avoid personal message at works Avoid sending Junk mail

E mail Etiquette

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Communication through Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging(IM) is a technology initially designed for having one-to-one personal chat at workplaces. Three step process for Successful IMPlan


Communication with Shareholders

Reasons for communication Owners of company Maintain confidence in companys management Raise capital for expansion Discourage rumors during bad times

Communication with Shareholders

Aspects of shareholder communication Communication during good times-information on progress Crisis communication- need for transparency Channels of communication -brochures and mailers - Meeting and conferences - Factory and sites visits Overall guiding factor-shareholder