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Survey Analysis

Josh Rose

Out of the 22 responses to my questionnaire 7 were female and 15 were male. Almost 50% of these females were in the age range of 15-20 (which is the ideal age range of my target audience). However I also received results from different age groups such as over 61 and fewer than 15 years of age.

64% of the results returned were from students which is the most likely occupation of my target audience and this highlights that they fall into the E category of the classification system therefore they are most likely to watch music videos as a form of entertainment rather than an informal or intellectual source.

Pop music was the most popular response when the respondents were asked what their favourite music genre was however in the Other section the genre of rock was also very popular. The genre of my music video is folk/county and only one respondent chose this as their favourite music genre however the growth of the artist in the music industry may place his music within the genre of pop as well.

I plan to create a music video that coincides both performance and narrative. This plan has been supported further by the results of my questionnaire. 50% of the results stated that the audience prefer music videos that combined narrative, performance or concept.

Youtube has proved the most popular way of viewing music videos according to my survey results as 80% of respondents stated that they use this method to watch them. Other methods included TV and social networking sites etc. These results could be useful when promoting and releasing a music video.

80% of my audience knew who the artist was therefore the audio behind my track is likely to appeal to a mass audience. However the 20% that were unsure of who the artist was can still enjoy my music video as a form of entertainment or as a form of escapism. The narrative structure will be easy to follow and associates itself with the song very well so audience members that are not familiar with the artist can still enjoy the video.

60% of these people then said that the artists style of music would fit both positive and tragedy storylines which opens up the possibility of combining the two styles within the same video. I was hoping to start the video with a positive environment followed by a tragic storyline therefore the interest from audience in combining these two styles is very useful.

60% of the respondents preferred to see a representation of location within music videos which could be associated with the natural landscapes I am using throughout which coincides with the positivity behind the narrative. However I do not plan to represent of highlight any conventions of urban environments etc. I plan to represent gender throughout my music video and I may be using particular stereotypes behind each character as we see the stereotypical weaker female being killed. I am also planning to use countertypes as we will see the male character passing through the grieving process and not coping with the situation very well which may juxtapose the idea that the male gender lack emotion and are strong through tough times.