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vice president of sales for Health Care Office Solutions (HCOS) • Brought on in 1980 • In charge of hiring sales reps • Hired reps from the medical field • Focussed on products and services during training  The company has two regions (East and West) that were headed by Mike Towers and Jule Geiger  HCOS found a niche helping doctors manage two critical functions of their offices: • Billing patients and Insurance companies • Marketing . the founder and CEO of HCOS  Greg Braver.Introduction  John Marston.

What is HOCS? Provides office management solutions for health care offices PRINTING Statements SPECIAL SERVICES & Misc. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Marketing services and Color printing Super Bills Standard Insurance Forms Stationary Checks Mail and fulfilment services Invoice and bill processing service File folders Chart Dividers Envelopes Color-coded labels Folder design and Assembly service Brochures and Cabinets .

Problems Rate of growth has begun to slow down New business is being given to competitor Increased customer complaints .

Why? Lack of C.M • Not keeping up with customer needs and assessing issues as they arise • Cannot plan and tailor to customer needs to show their importance • Training for new hires involves more about products and services than customer relations Third Party • Customers complaining about late or incorrect services. poor quality and lower customer service than in the past • HCOS was not keeping up with how well the other contractors were keeping up with client demands Focus was on Large Clients • In each region.R. only the service being given to larger clients was monitored • Allowed smaller contracts to fall behind by not keeping up with the quality of service they were receiving .

who are conducting sales agreements . such as “Administaff” • High compensation due to hiring only people experienced in the industry Opportunities • Rebuild existing customer relationship to foster new ones • Better train new hires . in proper CRM • Try to not outsource as many services and keep those functions in-house • Start a website with customer services representatives who can be reached .SWOT Analysis Strengths • Fills a unique need for health care offices • Not many other companies can keep up with the services that HCOS provides • Hired people with experience in medical field • Well established in the industry • Low training costs for new hires Weaknesses • Reputation has been weakened by poor service and customer complaints • Sales people are unwilling to change selling styles to suit the needs of HCOS • Has not been able to keep up with the CRM • People with medical backgrounds may not make good sales people • No national accounts sales team Threats • Customer dissatisfaction and the negative reputation that results from the bad experiences • Competitors.

Set up a department or position to manage the customer complaint and salespeople's customer services will be of great help.  Evaluation of customer services should be made timely and completely.Solution  The most important thing is to set up a customer relationship management (CRM) system. so as to maintain their time and consideration to each class of customers. A satisfied customer will always be a long-term one and help dig out more customers and strengthen the current customer relationship network. Specifically. but also his customer satisfaction. in each personal selling activity. . the salesperson can try to apply the Breakdown Method and Workload Method to their daily work. Each salesperson's performances components should include not only his sales index. like application of MIS and Customer Software. Use some advance techniques to overcome the mass of customer relationship jobs.