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Health & Wellness Revolution

We are all part of the Health & Wellness Revolution during the present century 2001-2100 announced by World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

Health & Wellness Industry

Health & Wellness industry is the fastest growing industry in the world & will have Multi-Trillion dollar turn over by the Year 2010

What is Good Health ?

According to W.H.O. Health is the state of complete physical, mental & social wellbeing & not merely absence of disease or infirmity.

Four basic factors of maintaining Good Health

Balanced Nutritional Diet (i.e. Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, vitamins, Water & Dietary fiber.)

Moderate Physical Exercise.

Enough Sound Sleep.

Healthy Mind (Stress Free)

DO YOU KNOW ? According to WHO

Only 5% of Global Population fall under Good health Category.

15% comes under SICK category.

Remaining 80%-85% is categorized under SUB-HEALTH category.

Symptoms of SUB - HEALTH

Insomnia. Obesity. Fatigue.

Lack of Concentration. Memory. Energy. Enthusiasm.



Factors contributing to SUB - HEALTH

Social Conditions. Medial Conditions. Climatic Conditions. Hereditary Factors. Lifestyle Factors. Modern Pollution. Ageing Factors. Habit.

Life Style Disease

Pollution, Lifestyle & Habits alone contribute more than 60% for Sub Health conditions which subsequently convert to Lifestyle & other diseases.

On an average a person inhales 2,00,000 Pollutants everyday.

Live Fast Die Young

According to WHO 40% of deaths in urban India occur due to Lifestyle disorders. Over 6 Million Indians succumbed to Lifestyle disorders in 2005. Those who die of Lifestyle disorders have no idea what is afflicting them till its too Late. Sedentary Lifestyle coupled with unhealthy dietary habits are responsible for maximum cases of lifestyle diseases.

Some Amazing Facts

According to WHO the Residual Harmful Pesticide in Vegetables Lady Finger Brinjal (Bhindi) (Baingan) 78.1 % 74.8 %

Cauliflower Tomato Potato Spinach

(Band Gobhi)
(Fool Gobhi)

61.8 %
58.0 % 51.7 % 51.1 %


48.1 %

And the List goes on ..

Height of Adulteration

Pesticide in COLA Color in Cereals Ice Cream from Synthetic Milk Brick Dust in Chilly Powder Color in vegetables

Spurious Drugs & Medicine

According to WHO approximately 35% of the total quantity of spurious drugs of the world are produced in India costing several thousand crore rupees.

Can You do without ?

Breathing Eating