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French mining engineer and a management theorist. Studied at mining school in saint etrienne. started as an engineer at a mining company and become director in 1888. Wrote a book administration indusrielle et generate. First management thinker who provided the conceptual framework of the function of management in his book.

Principle of management. Administrative management theory. Fayol is treated as the father of modern management theory because of his contribution to the management theory and principles. Offered universal managerial prescription. Viewed management as a profession that can be trained and developed.



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Division of work : when employees specialized, output can increase because they become increasingly skilled and efficient. Authority and responsibility :manager must have authority to give order , but they must also keep in mind that authority comes responsibility. Discipline: discipline must be upheld in organization , but methods doing so can vary. Unity of command :employees should have only one direct supervisor .

5. Unity of direction : teams with the same objective should be working under the direction of one manager , using one plan 6. Subordination of personal interest to organization interests :the interest of one employee should not be allowed to become more important than those of the group. This includes managers. 7. Remuneration : employee satisfaction depend on fair remuneration for everyone. This includes financial and non financial compensation.

8. Centralization : this principle refers to how close employee are to the decision making process. It is important to aim far an appropriate balance. 9. Scalar chain: employees should be aware of where they stand in the organizations hierarchy, or chain of demand. 10. Order :the workplace facility must be clean tidy and safe for employee .every thing should have its place.

11. Equity : manager should be fair to staff at all the time , both maintaining discipline is necessary and action with kindness where appropriate. 12. Stability of tenure personnel : manager should strive to minimize employees turnover. Personal planning is priority.
13. initiative: employee should be given the necessary level of freedom to create and carry out plan 14. Esprit de crops :organization should stirve to promote spirit and unity

The functions of management according to fayol are 1. Planning 2. organizing 3. Staffing 4. Commanding 5. Coordinating 6. Controlling