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What is Synergita?
Synergita is a Continuous HR Performance Management Software
Helps in building a world-class company culture driven by employee recognition Engage | Develop | Grow

www.Top 3 HR Challenges Performance Appraisal is one of the most stressful activity in any organization HR spends lot of time in administering the appraisal process than analyzing the results Performance appraisal results stop at categorizing and salary revision in most Engage | Develop | Grow .

day to day . Goal setting and more… Engage | Develop | Grow . Role based annual / interim appraisals End of project reviews.synergita. Helps you initiate a cultural shift from “HR Driven Annual Reviews” to “Business Driven Talent Management” Enables Social Recognition Continuous feedback Employee specific review plans.involvement of employees and line of business managers.Synergita is the solution! Brings performance management closer to your business and closer to your people Deepens your talent management processes with active .

com Engage | Develop | Grow .Modules of Synergita Employee Profile Management Continuous Feedback & Social Recognition Performance Reviews Reports & Insights Administration / Configuration www.synergita.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.Employee Profile Management www.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.Continuous Feedback www.

Cool Features (Time Saving) Provide feedback from MS Outlook Engage | Develop | Grow . Engage | Develop | Grow .Social Recognition Reward Employees www.

Easy to Build Competency Matrix Engage | Develop | Grow .

com Engage | Develop | Grow .Easy to provide feedback www.synergita.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .Access to 360 and past feedback www.synergita.

360 Degree Feedback Engage | Develop | Grow .

com Engage | Develop | Grow .Recommendations for Promotion www.synergita.

View past Feedback Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .Performance Improvement plans www.synergita.

com Engage | Develop | Grow . etc. departments.synergita.Insights into Process Status Ability to create employee specific review cycles easily Detailed feedback status reports of review cycles Automated mail reminders for defaulters Analysis of feedback and rating by managers. www.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.Intelligent Analytics www.

synergita.9 Quadrant Report Engage | Develop | Grow .

Easy to Use Workflow Designer Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.

com Cloud based Engage | Develop | Grow .Advantage Synergita Easy to Use Configurable Insightful Light weight www.synergita.

lateral continuous feedback. insights and align these with business needs Right balance between Top down formal reviews.synergita. bottom up review Engage | Develop | Grow . social recognition and rewards www.Pillars of Synergita Empower Employees with continuous feedback Empower Managers to have employee specific review plans Empower HR to configure/customize templates. processes.

com Engage | Develop | Grow .synergita.Technology Stack www.

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