each flower pendulous.DESCRIPTION Aloe Vera is a stem-less or very short-stemmed plant. growing approximately 80-100 cm tall. with a yellow tubular corolla 2-3 cm long. thick and fleshy. . spreading by offsets and root sprouts. with a serrated margin. The flowers are produced on a spike up to 90 cm tall. The leaves are lanceolate. The tissue in the center of the aloe leaf contains a gel which yields aloe gel or aloe vera gel. green to greygreen.

These include vitamins. minerals. which produces an anti-inflammatory effect. Found in the sap are phenolic compounds. Carboxy-peptidase is an important enzyme. C and F are derived from this plant. manganese. such as lsobarbaloin. calcium. enzymes. magnesium are some of the compounds present in the aloe vera plant as well .PLANT CHEMICALS The Aloe Vera plant is essentially a cactus plant. anthraquinones and many more. Various essential amino acids and antioxidant vitamins A. Anthrone-C-glycosides and Barbaloin-lO. which is composed of mainly water and 75 different ingredients. after rendering bradykinins inactive. sugars. Sallcylic acid. zinc.

bacteria. atonic and piles.USES & BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA • Aloe Vera is useful for treating X ray burns. . • It is used to make antiseptic. • The drug from its juice is tonic and used in jaundice. which can kill mold. • Aloe Vera gel has the remarkable ability to heal wounds. • The acid present inside Aloe Vera is used as an effective pain killer. ulcer and burns. funguses and viruses. ameneorrhoea. cutaneous and disorders of skin. dermatitis.

fungus. conjunctivitis. urticaria. It prevents the growth of acnes and is used as a beauty product to enhance skin growth. and dry skin. sores. sties. It also speeds up the convalescing period after recovery. . insect bites. rashes. • Both oral intake and tropical dressings of Aloe Vera encourage healing of any kind of wound on the skin. allergic reactions.• Aloe Vera is known to be highly beneficial for skin. • Aloe Vera can be tried on blisters. athlete’s foot. burn or scald. herpes. vaginal infections.

preventing scarring. oral consumption of Aloe Vera works effectively to soothe conditions like heartburn. and eczema. • Studies have also suggested that it is has a very positive effect on lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics. warts. • According to some studies. wrinkles from aging. arthritis and rheumatism pain and asthma. . shingles. frostbite. psoriasis.• Topical used of this plant includes sunburn. rosacea. screening out x-ray radiation.

hematuria. albuminuria and fluid imbalance in the body. • Aloe Vera should not be consumed during pregnancy. and also in case of an inflamed intestinal disorder.CAUTION • Use of Aloe Vera over a long period of time can result in loss of potassium. • Oral intake of Aloe Vera supplements might result in abdominal cramps and diarrhea in some cases. • . breast-feeding. menstruation.

2. fresh feeling.Freshness: Aloe Vera can keep you feeling fresh.NATURAL BEAUTY CARE • 1. Acne: Beauty products containing Aloe Vera can help reduce the severity of acne. . 3. Just break open a leaf and apply it directly to the skin.Allergies: Aloe Vera is great for treating the pain and swelling associated with bites and stings. The Aloe works to protect the delicate skin in that “area”. ensuring a clean. which is why it’s used in new Carefree Aloe Panty Liners.

Skin Care: Aloe Vera has a softening and moisturising agent. 5. . making it great for skin care products.Chapped Lips: When I had dry lips as a child.• 4. rub it on directly from the plant or buy an after-sun formula which contains an extract of the plant. We love Johnson’s Aloe Baby Oil. mum always made me rub Aloe Vera on them… it sure does the trick! 6. which is used post-showering to get your skin in super soft shape.Burns: Aloe Vera is excellent at relieving the pain of sunburn.

It does have laxative effects though. 10. Apply more fresh Aloe Vera frequently over the first 24 hours.Stomach Problems: Aloe Vera is thought to help with indigestion and heartburn when taken internally. Sinuses: Aloe Vera can act as a decongestant when used through an inhaler. so get into the habit of drinking it daily. so imbibe it with care! 9.Cuts: Rest a fresh leaf directly on the wound as it will help relieve the pain. . 8.Health Supplement: Aloe Vera is packed with essential minerals and amino acids to keep your body healthy.• 7.


It is no wonder many people who want to have a healthy lifestyle include these fruits in their diets. . juicy.• Pineapples are some of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. To know more about them. here are some of the many health benefits of eating pineapples. and delicious. They are sweet. More importantly. they are very healthy and nutritious.

it can fight off viruses that cause cough and colds. On top of it all. All the nutrients it contains promote good health. if you consume a cup of pineapple. Even when you are already infected with such ailment. you can already get 73 percent of your total body requirement for manganese. Eating pineapples while taking the right medications prescribed by the doctor for your sickness can help you recover more quickly. this fruit is low in fat and cholesterol. which is a trace mineral that your body needs to build bones and connective tissues. In fact. • • • • . 3. pineapples can help you. and potassium. 2. calcium.HEALTH BENEFITS OF PINEAPPLES • • 1. Prevents Cough and Colds Since pineapples are rich in vitamin C. Strengthens Bones Pineapples are also popular for their ability to build and maintain strong bones. Packed with Vitamins and Minerals Pineapples are loaded with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A. phosphorus. These fruits have bromelain. This is because these fruits contain manganese. which is effective in suppressing coughs and loosening mucus. It is also rich in fiber and calories. vitamin C.

Keeps Gums Healthy People are always very concerned with their teeth that they sometimes fail to give importance to the gums. If a person has unhealthy gums. is caused by damage to the retina. It also helps regulate the secretions in the pancreas to aid in digestion.• • • • • • • • 4. since bromelain has protein-digesting properties. 6. One example is macular degeneration. which are equally essential since they hold the teeth in place. Alleviates Arthritis Since these fruits have anti-inflammatory qualities. it can keep the digestive track healthy. recognizing faces. Including pineapple in your diet can lower risk of this disease by as much as 36 percent. 7. Reading. and eventually will fall out. it can also improve other similar conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and gout. Apart from that. 5. eating pineapples can greatly alleviate the pain of arthritis while at the same time improve the condition by strengthening the bones. Improves Digestion Bromelain found in pineapples work to neutralize fluids to ensure that they are not too acidic. which is the primary cause of vision loss in adults. This is because this fruit contains beta carotene that is good for our sense of sight. Apart from arthritis. . his/her teeth would be in bad condition. Eating pineapple will strengthen your gums that will help keep your teeth healthy and strong. and doing daily activities can become a lot more difficult because of this problem. Lowers Risk of Macular Degeneration Pineapples are known to prevent different kinds of ailments. This disease.

pineapple has a long history in folk medicine and natural beauty treatments.BEAUTY BENEFITS OF PINEAPPLES • Pineapple. In addition to providing a healthy treat. contains enzymes and the antioxidant vitamins A and C. It's a source of alpha-hydroxy acid. . an ingredient in wrinkle creams that helps with exfoliation. native to Central and South America. the process of sloughing off old skin. according to Epicurious.

according to University of Maryland Medical Center. . The bromelain from pineapple helps in removing dead skin from burns. Although pineapple flesh contains much less bromelain than a bromelain extract.• Enzymes • A mask of crushed pineapple may offer the benefit of enzyme activity on the skin. A blender works well to make pineapple into a thick consistency for a mask. it may help to relieve dullness and dryness from dead skin cells on the surface.

according to the New Zealand Dermatological Society's website. DermNet NZ. and its antioxidant activity may help to protect your body from free radicals. the vitamin C in fresh pineapple isn't concentrated the way it is in wrinkle creams. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells and lead to visible signs of aging. . Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C.• Vitamin C • Applying vitamin C to the skin may have a beneficial effect because of its antioxidant properties. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to get enough vitamin C. As with bromelain. although further research is needed. but it provides an inexpensive alternative for a home beauty treatment. DermNet NZ suggests. Correctly formulated vitamin C creams may protect against the aging effects of sunlight and reduce wrinkles.

Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes. A mask made with fresh pineapple blended with mint and other herbs creates a cool and soothing treat for the feet. according to the American College of Healthcare Science. A fresh pineapple foot mask may help smooth rough skin and calluses. A pumice stone is a fine-grained volcanic rock that sands away calluses. then use a pumice stone to polish your heels and other rough areas. including alpha-hydroxy acid.• Soothe and Soften Feet • Pineapple has a mild exfoliating effect due to the fruit's acids. .