has a strong manufacturing & services sector with agriculture share of only 0.Per capita income of the country is the highest in ASEAN.Inflation is 2% . 2. 2.Highly competitive financial sector. e-business portal for getting business clearances.POLITICAL: 1. 4. Asia’s first liberalized power market.1965-2011: Led by Single party. 3. 5. Self reliant & Skilled workforce.Ease of Doing business is 1.For improving SME sectors: Standards Productivity and Innovation Board.1% . 3.low as compare to other Asian country 5. 6. Parliamentary Republic with a west minister system. 4. . Is a major trading hub. stable political environment ECONOMICAL 1.

Use of advanced technology after post independence. 3. Individualizing the Social Safety net. Education is compulsory for everyone. NO Corruption.It ranks 7th in the world in technology rating. 2. Large Investment in Social development. 4.Innovation ranking:13th .Telecommunication and transportation highly concentrated. 3. 4. 2. TECHNOLOGICAL 1.SOCIAL 1. 5. Promote Cleanliness.

biopharmaceuticals etc. tourism.  The country in its education system has always stressed upon skill development and has been successful in beating the unemployment.Strategy Government in an important strategic move has adopted a policy where they offer free primary education till 4th standard to increase the labour efficiency. which will boost economic growth further  . Government is facilitating establishment of new clusters such as education.

manufacturing and services is as follows◦ Agriculture.27% ◦ Services.   The sectorial distribution of agriculture. implementation and adaptation of rules and regulations in doing business.Nearly 0% ◦ Manufacturing. As a result various measures were adopted which included strengthening the workforce. increasing the operational efficiency of companies by including IT. and support entrepreneurship and development of cluster.Structure From 1999-2002 the outward FDI flow has out-beaten the inward FDI flow.73% . The country has been ranked very high in formation.

47 80% of the population is employed in service sector which contributes to 73% of the GDP which is a good thing because unlike India where 18%is the contribution of agriculture and about 60% of the population is employed in this particular sector.Performance The exhibit 7 suggests that the inward FDI flow has always been greater than the outward FDI flow for Singapore between the years 1980-2008. Despite of unavailability of natural resources it has shown high FDI inflows. High inequality with gini coefficient of 0. The indexes for hourly compensation costs for production workers in manufacturing sector is very low as compared to the developed countries and it is nearly around that of the emerging markets of the Asian continent. This leads us to conclusion that the corporate governance structure in the country has been very effective.     . This is a plus point because Singapore is a developed economy and the compensation index lies somewhere near the emerging countries (Exhibit-11). It has been ranked 1st in the world in ease of doing business.

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