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What is Apple Inc.?

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation Design electronics and computer software As of January of 2010, the company operates 283 retail stores 9 of which are out of the country As of 2010, company is one of the largest technological corporations in
the world

History of Apple Inc.

Founded in April 1st 1976

Cupertino, California Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne

Company was made to make.. Computer Software and Hardware Consumer electronics Digital distribution

Apples first logo features Issac Newton under a fabled Apple Tree

Apples Logo
It was then replaced with the rainbow bitten apple in 1976 and lasted until 1998
The most recent logo which replaced the rainbow apple is a monochromic same bitten apple

Early Years With Apple

Apples first product was the Apple I
Hand built Went on sale in July of 1976 Market priced $666.66

Product was made by Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne Apple was the incorporated in Jan. of 1977
Wayne sold his share of his company to jobs and Wozniak
for $800

Early Years Contd

On April 161977 the Apple II was introduced
It was unique and different from its major rivals at the time
(TRS-80 and Commodore PCT) Colored graphics open architecture

By the end of the 1970s, Apple had a staff of computer

designers and a production line

Early Years Contd

In May 1980, the Apple III was
introduced in attempt to compete with Microsoft and IBM

In December of 1980, Apple launched the

public offering of its stock

When it went public, it created more

millionaires than any company in history

Apple Lisa
Personal computer sold in early 1980s First personal computer sold to public
with a GUI Extreme failure due to limited software titles and high price tag

In 1982- Due to fighting Steve jobs was

kicked off the Apple Lisa project and went on to the low cost computer project of the Macintosh!

Designed in 1984


Sold very strong in the beginning but

because of its high price, total consumption was low

1986-1993: Rise
After the Macintosh Portables low success rate, Apple
learned several lessons on what to do differently

In 1991, Apple introduced the PowerBook During this time, Apple experimented with many other
Cameras, portable CD speakers, TV and video counsels

All of these products were too little too late for Apple
due to their market share and stock price slide

In 1990, the Macintosh LC was released

PowerBook & Macintosh LC

7lbs with 3 hour battery The success of the power book led to a
dramatically increasing revenue

Macintosh LC
First affordable, color-capable Macintosh Made fairly basic to keep the prices down

Throughout these years, Apple continued to reinvent
new software's that could be installed and used on the Macintosh computers

In 1997, Steve Jobs announced Apple would join

Microsoft to released new versions of Microsoft office

November 10th 1997, Apple introduced the Apple Store

where consumers could browse and purchase Apples newest products.

August 15th 1998 Apple introduced the new all in one
computer reminisce of the iMac

May 2001, Apple opened more Apple retail stores,

including in Virginia and California

That same year, Apples iPod was designed which

came to be a huge success

iMac and iPod

desktop featured modern technology and unique design
with more software including iMovie and final cut pro Newer improved version of the Macintosh LC

Very successful Portable digital audio player Over 100 million units were sold in the first six years

Apple iTunes Store

In 2003, Apple iTunes store was opened
Offered online
downloads Service quickly became market leader un online music services By June 2008, there were over 5 billion downloads Each song for $0.99

2005-2007:Intel Transition
January 2006- Mac book Pro and iMac became the first
Apple products sold with Intels Core Duo

Same year, the PowerMac, iBook and PowerBook were

retired and replaced with Mac Pro, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro.

During this time, Apples success was soaring and its

market cap surpassed that of Dells

2007- Present
Period of time known as the Mobile Consumer
Electronics Era

January 2007, Jobs announced that Apples logo name

would be changed from Apple Computers to Apple Inc., due to the that fact they no longer only produced computers

After this, the iPhone and Apple TV were created in

July of 2007, Apple introduced the App. World

to iTunes, to sell applications to the iPhone and iTouch

Throughout these years, new and improved versions
and different sizes of the iPod were introduced Includes iPod nano, Shuffle, classic, touch and video

After hearing many rumors of the new creation, on April

3rd 2010, Apples newest product the iPad was launched in the U.S. Sold 300,000 units that day 500,000 that same week

The End!