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Active Newham: children handball

Leandro Gomes
This work tells about my experience of being a handball coach in the Active Newham Program. During the time I was teaching handball to the kids in the Newham community I was able to see many differences between the handball that is played in Brazil and the handball kids play in London. Also the coaching way is very distinct. For this reason it was an amazing opportunity.

London Youth Games - Handball: 22nd June at Crystal Palace. Specific handball event for children under 16 years old. Sainsbury's Anniversary Games: 26th and 27th at The

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Athletics international major

event. London Street Games: 15th August at The Cooper Box. Multi-sport event for children.

The Active Newham is a program that works in partnership with the Newham Council with the objective of delivering leisure, sports and volunteering in the Newham area. The program believes that being active is important for health and welfare of people. The main priority is make sure that most of people of Newham community enjoy the opportunity of being active. Also Active Newham volunteers in some events in the East London area, such as the Olympic Park.


1. The facilities are in Newham were really good, the

In my view the players are really trying to do their best however there are some issues in the way they are playing and practicing. If the kids could watch some games maybe

handball court is excellent

2. Handball material is another good point as in Newham there are plenty of handball equipment. 3. Lack of experience by the kids as most of them are not used to see handball. 4. Boys sometimes practice with a ball size one which is unusual for their age (13-16 years). 5. Absence of contact during training. Most of the kids avoid contact although handball is a sport that contact predominates. 6. Some of the kids are really tall, strong and have a powerful throw however they cant play their best because there is a lack of technique. 7. At this moment tactics are not the priority but technique should be the number one priority.

they will have the chance to see how the game is played.
Playing some more games would help them be more used to the sport. I think that playing two or three games a month be perfect for their development. Another aspect that should be highlighted is that kids should be challenged more times in terms of technique, playing with a bigger ball, playing with more contact is something they really need to do to grow as players. They should overcome some fears and be able to put all their effort on the game of handball.

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