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Important events in The Prisoner of Zenda

Meeting the King in the forest and the dinner at the Hunting Lodge before the Coronation Before and during the Coronation procession Rudolf and Sapt fighting eight of Duke Michaels men at the Hunting Lodge The Tea Party The dance in Princess Flavias honour. The first attack Rassendylls plan to save the King What actually happened during the second attack The break up of Rassendyll and Princess Flavia

Rudolf and Sapt fighting eight of Duke Michaels men at the Hunting Lodge When Sapt and Rassendyll reached the lodge, it was all dark and quiet. They raced towards an open cellar and found the old woman gone. The other cellar was locked. Inside it, they found Josef with a deep red wound on his neck. His head was nearly cut off but the King was nowhere to be found. As Duke Michael had kidnapped the real King, Sapt told Rassendyll that he had to return to Strelsau at once as the King. Before they left for Strelsau, Rassendyll wanted to bury Josef first. Sapt went to find a spade while Rassendyll carried Josef up the cellar. Suddenly, eight horsemen arrived at the lodge with spades to bury Josef. Wanting to take revenge, Sapt and Rassendyll went to the back of the lodge, mounted their horses, drew their swords and rushed towards the men. While Sapt killed one, Rassendyll cut off the head of one man and drove his sword into another mans chest.

The break up of Rassendyll and Princess Flavia:

Rassendyll was taken to a room in the Old Castle to rest. Pricess Flavia, Sapt and Fritz were with the King who was still weak. Meanwhile, Antoinette was still sitting beside the Dukes body. Rassendyll was then taken to see the King. Rassendyll returned the Kings ring and told him he had tried to bring no dishonour upon it. The King was grateful Rassendyll had saved his life and throne. Rassendyll was also taken to see Princess Flavia. Rassendyll asked Flavia for her forgiveness and told her he loved her with all his heart from the moment he met her and would never forget her. To that Flavia replied that she loved him too and not the King. Flavia wanted to follow Rudolf but in the end replied, Love is not all. Honour must come first. I must stay here and not run away from my duty. I must serve my country and my house. Before leaving with Fritz and Sapt to the train station, Rassendyll told Flavia that her ring would always be on his finger and his heart would always be hers. On the train, Rassendyll heard and saw nothing. He was crying, thinking of Flavia.

ESSAY QUESTIONS ON NOVELS: Based on one of the novels, write on one of the following moral values: i) Honesty ii) Responsibility Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. (2005) Choose one of the novels and explain why you like or dislike the ending of the story. Give reasons to support your answer. (2006) Based on one novel you have read, write about how two characters work together to obtain success. Support your answer with evidence from the novel. (2007) Choose one of the novels, then write about an incident that you think is important. Give reasons why you think the incident is important. Support your answer with evidence from the novel. (2008) Based on one novel above, write about a relationship between friends in the story. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer. (2009) Based on one of the novels above, describe a good quality that you admire in a character in the novel. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer. (2010)

Write about a character that you think is generous. Give reasons for your answer. Write about one character whom you think is clever and resourceful. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. Write about how one character overcame the problems he faced. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer Write about one character and describe what he or she wants in life. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. Write about a character who is a good role model. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. Write about a character one should not emulate. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. Do you like the novel you have read? Give reasons for your answer


Based on one of the novels above, write about a character you sympathise with in the story. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer.
In the novel The Prisoner of Zenda, written by Anthony Hope Hawkins, the character I sympathise with is Rudolf Rassendyll. There are many reasons why I sympathise with him.

First and foremost, Rudolf Rassendyll put his life danger just to save the Kings throne. He came to Ruritania because he wanted to witness the Coronation of King Rudolf the Fifth. However, since the king was unconscious, he had to replace the king at the Coronation in order to save the kings throne from his black hearted brother, Duke Micheal. This task was a rude awakening for him. He might make a mistake and be in hot soup. He could be killed if anyone found out he was not the real king. Thats why I feel sorry for him.

Secondly, Rudolf Rassendyll had to breakup with Princess Flavia after the King was saved. Rassendyll loved her so much and she loved him too. They were both on cloud nine after they first expressed their love for each other. They belonged together. However, Princess Flavia was King Rudolfs fiance. Rassendyll could not steal her from him. It was not honourable. In the end, he had to leave her and go back to England. His love for her remained so strong that he never married and lived alone for the rest of his life. Thats why I pity him.

Finally, he had to face many difficulties just to save the king who was imprisoned by his own brother. He was stabbed by Rupert in the left shoulder after he rejected Ruperts offer of 100,000 pounds to leave Ruritania at once. Then Detchard injured Rassendyll in the Kings room. This resulted in him losing a lot of blood and becoming weak. He had to face all this for King Rudolf. He almost kicked the bucket! Furthermore, he got nothing in return for all his sacrifices. It is because of these three reasons that I sympathise with him so much.




I have read the novel, The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope Hawkins. The character that has a good quality that I admire the most is Rudolf Rassendyll. The good quality shown by Rudolf Rassendyll is loyalty. There is a lot of evidence to show this.

Firstly, Rudolf Rassendyll is very loyal to the King when he rejects Ruperts idea. For example, Rupert of Hentzau who is interested in Antoinette de Mauban gives Rudolf a suggestion. He tells Rudolf to kill the real King and Duke Michael so that he can become King. Rupert of Hentzau can then marry Antoinette de Mauban if Duke Michael is dead. However, Rudolf is very loyal to the King. He rejects Ruperts idea even though he knows that the cruel Rupert will not give up trying to kill him.

Next, Rudolf Rassendyll shows his loyalty when he risks his life to save the King. He swims across the moat all by himself in order to enter the castle. He risks his life to save the real King and helps the King to get back his throne. He is very loyal and fearless as he knows that there is a lot of danger inside the castle. He knows that he must fight and kill the Famous Six such as de Gautet, Bersonin, and Detchard who are guarding the King. He is willing to do all this because he is very loyal to his friend, the King.

Lastly, Rudolf Rassendyll is a loyal man as he is willing to sacrifice his love and leave Ruritania. He is very loyal to King Rudolf even though he loves Princess Flavia deeply. Duty is above love. After he saves the King, he leaves Ruritania and never returns. He knows that Princess Flavia needs to be the Queen of Ruritania. Rudolf does not betray the King. He shows his loyalty when he leaves Princess Flavia alone in Ruritania. However, they still send roses to each other and Rudolf remains single after his adventure, as a symbol of his true love for Princess Flavia. All said in done, Rudolf Rassendyll is the character that I admire the most as he is very loyal to the King.