By: James Nguyen

Bolivia. French Guiana. Venezuela. However some parts of the rainforests are also in Ecuador. and Suriname. Colombia. •This area is known as the Amazon Basin .Location •The Amazon rainforest is found in South America •Most of the Amazon Rainforest can be found in Brazil and Peru. Guyana.

Facts        The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world Covers around five and a half a million square kilometres It has 2 and a half million different insect species There are 40000 plant species in the Amazon Rainforest Many dangerous species live in the Amazon rainforest 30 million people live in the Amazon Rainforest .

In the wild they can live up to 15 years Adult jaguars can weigh up to 45 . A jaguar from the tip of its tail to the nose can be 240 cm long . and caimans which are small. alligator-like animal and can also hunt bigger animals like deers. turtles.“ Their diet is fish.The Jaguar        Found in the Amazon River Basin the third largest cats in the world Jaguar comes from the Native American word yaguar meaning "he who kills with one leap.113 kilograms.

Unusual Fact about the Jaguar    Jaguars are good swimmers and can climb trees Cubs are blind at birth The black spots on a jaguar is called a rosette .

inside showing a lot of dark red seeds the fruit is not edible . When it is fully grown the fruits open up.Annatto/Lipstick tree      It has heart shaped fruits It’s colour is brown or reddish brown It is covered with short stiff hairs.

Unusual Facts about the Lipstick Tree    The seeds are used to make dyes and food colouring The plant can be used to treat snakebites Rainforest peoples have used the plant for things such as insect repellent and to make love potions .

the length of the Amazon River is around 6400 kilometres .Interesting Facts about the Amazon    Many herbal medication is made from the plants in the Amazon rain forest. If it was a country it would be the 9th largest in the world.

This is due to deforestation Animals lose their homes because of this and some are endangered Because trees are cut down less oxygen is produced .Issues with Amazon Rainforest     17 % of the Amazon forest has been lost in the last 50 years. .htm http://kids.jpg roblems/ ature/jaguars/ http://wwf.Bibliography         http://www.htm n_rainforest http://worldwildlife.thinkquest.