God's Amazing Creation

What can we learn about GOD from the universe He made?
Jeff Zweerink Azusa Pacific University, 16 Oct 2002

Man‟s spiritual history will positively demonstrate that no religion has ever been greater than its idea of God. A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy

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The universe in light The universe in temperature The universe in “matter”
Some closing thoughts

The night sky in visible light .


The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Atmospheric Transparency .

The night sky in radio (just above FM) .

The night sky in radio (neutral Hydrogen) .

The night sky in microwaves .


The night sky in infrared .

The night sky in visible light (again) .

The night sky in X-rays .

The night sky in Gamma-rays .

More Gamma Rays .

Gamma-ray Bursts .


Temperature in the Universe Life is only possible in this narrow range .

.The universe in “matter”    Everything on Earth is made up of protons. neutrons. This “stuff” is usually referred to as dark energy and is often associated with Einstein‟s cosmological constant. This is normally referred to as baryonic matter and composes roughly 3% of all “matter” in the universe A little more than 30% of the stuff in the universe is some form of “dark matter” that we don‟t understand yet Roughly 65% of the “stuff” of the universe is unlike any thing we are acquainted with. and electrons.

May be constant or may change with time If strictly constant. must answer the question “Why is the dark energy scale about the same as the „matter‟ scale now?” . the initial value must be finetuned to better than 1 part in 10120 If not strictly constant.What about this dark energy?     Acts like anti-gravity so it causes the acceleration of the universe.

Thus. . GOD must exist in at least spacetime dimensions (or their equivalent).God's minimum dimensionality    We live in a 4 dimensional universe that most likely is part of a 10 dimensional space. Since this universe had a transcendent creator. GOD is far more powerful than we could ever imagine.