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The U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute was established as the U.S. Army
Administration Center in July 1973 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, one of three
combat and training development integrating centers assigned to the U.S. Army
Training and Doctrine Command. The U.S. Army Administration Center (ADMINCEN)
became the Training and Doctrine Command’s focal point for Personnel Service
Support (PSS), Army missions related to financial management, human resource
management, military justice, religious activities, medical services, public affairs, and
foreign language training. As the integrator of PSS combat developments, ADMINCEN
coordinated the doctrinal, force and materiel developments of the Adjutant General,
Finance, Judge Advocate General, and Chaplain Branches of the Army, and the
Women's Army Corps. ADMINCEN also ensured for the inclusion of public affairs,
medical, band and foreign language issues in preparing the Army for future military
operations. ADMINCEN also embraced the U.S. Army Institute of Administration at
Fort Benjamin Harrison, a consolidation of the U.S. Army Adjutant General and
Finance Schools, and the Personnel and Administrative Service Agency, itself the result
of a 1966 consolidation of the Adjutant General and Finance Corps combat development
In 1984, IPRM was reorganized into the U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute (SSI), the
principle training and combat development agency of the Soldier Support Center. An
umbrella organization of eight Army schools, SSI included the Adjutant General,
Finance, Computer Science, Recruiting and Retention, Community Activities, Reserve
Officer Training Corps, and Soldier Physical Fitness Schools, and the Army Element of
the School of Music at Little Creek, Virginia, in its organization. In 1987, the SSC
Noncommissioned Officers Academy was established to provide leadership training for
senior enlisted specialists from the PSS mission area.
A reorganization of the Training and Doctrine Command's combat development community
in 1990 called for the disestablishment of the SSC and the merger of its integrating mission
with the Logistics Center at Fort Lee, Virginia. The resulting organization, the Combined
Arms Support Command (CASCOM), was established at Fort Lee in October 1990. Under
the reorganization, the SSI and the former associated schools of the Soldier Support Center
became part of the new Combined Arms Support Command, the battlefield integrator for
logistics and personnel service support combat and training developments. In April 1991,
the Base Closure and Realignment Commission nominated Fort Benjamin Harrison for
closure and the transfer of SSI to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The transfer began
officially in October 1994 and was completed September 30, 1995. The U.S. Army Soldier
Support Institute at Fort Jackson is composed of the Adjutant General, Financial
Management, Recruiting and Retention Schools, the Noncommissioned Officers Academy,
the Army School of Music, the Training Support Battalion, and the 369th Adjutant General

U.S. Army
Soldier Support Institute

U.S. Army Administration Center
MG Leonard B. Taylor 1971‑1973
MG Eugene P. Forrester 1973‑1975
MG William L. Mundie 1975‑1978
MG Benjamin L. Harrison 1978‑1979
U.S. Army Soldier Support Center
MG Sinclair L. Melner 1979‑1981
MG Daniel W. French 1981‑1985
MG Maurice O. Edmonds 1985‑1988
MG Stephen R. Woods 1988‑1990
MG Ronald E. Brooks 1990‑1995
U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute
BG Neil S. Snyder III 1994-1996
BG Patricia P. Hickerson 1996
BG Mary E. Morgan 1996-1998
BG Earl M. Simms 1998-2000
BG Michael D. Rochelle 2000-2002
BG Edgar E. Stanton III 2002-2004
BG Gina S. Farrisee 2004-2006
COL Rose A. Walker 2006-2007