Importance of Critical Thinking

Cellanie P. Janson,RN

Objectives At the end of the discussion we will be able to: • Determine the importance of critical thinking in nursing • Know the importance of critical thinking in other aspects • Identify the different Intellectual Standards of critical thinking .

Question .

..CRITICAL THINKING. Why is it important in nursing? Critical Thinking Solve the problem Reconstruct. Innovate and Develop Safe and quality of Care .

. • In all settings nurses must take on new responsibilities. and make more independent decisions. collaborate with diverse individuals.Points related to importance of developing critical thinking • A high-performance workplace requires workers who have a solid foundation in thinking skills.

• Key player in designing and implementing more effective and efficient health care systems. .Points related to importance of developing critical thinking • Critical thinking is the key to preventing and resolving problems.

• Critical thinking is crucial to passing tests that demonstrate that you ’ re qualified to practice nursing .Points related to importance of developing critical thinking • The complexity of care today requires knowledgeable individuals who are thought oriented rather than taskoriented.

Rewards of learning to think CRITICALLY • Gain confidence • Be safe and autonomous • Improve patient outcomes and your own job satisfaction .

• Critical thinking enhances language and presentation skills .Importance of Critical Thinking (Philosophy) • Critical thinking is a domaingeneral thinking skill • Critical thinking is very important in the new knowledge economy.

Importance of Critical Thinking (Philosophy) • Critical thinking promotes creativity • Critical thinking is crucial for self-reflection .

speaking. and listening . • Memorizing IS NOT learning. .Why is Critical Thinking Important? (Education) • To learn is to think. writing. • Underlies reading. • To think poorly is to learn poorly. to be learned. must be intellectually constructed. learning and education . • To think well is to learn well. the basic elements of communication. • All content. .

uncover assumptions and define their terms. make detailed observations. prejudice and deceptions • Creates the willingness to change one point of view as we continue to examine and reexamine ideas that may seem obvious. ask good questions. and make assertions based on sound logic and solid evidence . • Takes time and the willingness to say three essential words: I don't know. • Enables us to distinguish between fact and opinion.Why is Critical Thinking Important? (Education) • Helps us uncover bias and prejudice • Is a path to freedom form half-truths.

Universal Intellectual Standards Standards Clarity Accuracy Relevance Logicalness Breadth Precision Significance Completeness Fairness Depth Sample Question What is an example of this? How can I find out if that is true? How does that help me with the issue? Does that follow from the evidence? Do I need to consider another point of view? Can I be more specific? Which of these facts is more important? Have I missed any important aspects? Am I considering the thinking of others? What make this a difficult problem? .

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