Elements of Communication

Elements of Communication meaningthrough the • Communication creates _______ messages exchange of _________. . together • The prefix “C-O-M” means “_______” understanding • There must be an ____________ or a coming together for successful communication to take place.

Receiver .Communication Process: Components Sender The person with the message to • _______: communicate. Receiver The person or persons whom the • ________: message is addressed. – Football analogy: _________. the person who interprets the message. Quarterback – Football analogy: ____________.

Verbal with words. • _________: gestures. facial expressions.Communication Process: Components Message Any idea the sender wants the • ________: receiver to understand. The football – Football analogy: ____________. tone of voice. . eye contact. organization • ______: Non-verbal appearance.

Communication Process: Components Encoding The process of putting the message • ________: into the form in which it is to be communicated. – Encoding is a duty that belongs to the sender. the play – Football analogy: _________. – Example: Writing a letter to a friend is an example of encoding. .

Communication Process: Components Decoding The process the Receiver • ________: undergoes in trying to interpret the exact meaning of a message. . – Decoding is a duty that belongs to the receiver. running the rout – Football analogy: _______________.

– Examples: Face to face. Channel The medium that carries the • ________: message is the channel of communication. written. Knowing which channel to use in communication is critical.Communication Process: Components Feedback The receiver’s observable response • ________: / reaction to the sender’s message. electronic Pass or hand-off – Football analogy: _______________. Zone dance – Football analogy: End _______________. .

Barriers Any distraction (external or internal) which competes with the message for the receiver’s attention. stereotypes Social barrier – ____________ .attitudes. – Physical/____________ talking.the person communicating with you is not your friend or someone you respect. whispering.headache or hunger attitudinal – Psychological/_________ . environment . emotions. –Physiological ____________ . temperature of a room. Interference. .Communication Process: Components • _______________________: Noise.coughing.

cultural. religious beliefs.Example: “I’m too smart to listen to this stuff!” –Cultural _______ . Defensive Player – Football analogy: ________________ . etc.difference in political.Communication Process: Components – Educational ___________ .

How might that affect your communication? Defending Champions – Football analogy: _____________________ .Communication Process: Components • _______: Context (situation) time and place in which communication occurs. social. the physical. past experience • Frame ________________: – Example: You and your best friend are trying to decide where to eat lunch. You would like to eat at McDonalds. Championship Game – Football analogy: ____________________ of Reference attitude. and emotional elements of communication. Your friend recently had food poisoning from McDonalds.