. Malaysia has been experiencing flash floods. Discuss effective ways to stop this recurring problem.Question  For the past few years.

hydraulic mechanism machine  . give warning to people  Electronic sensors should also be placed in low lying car parks.Step 1 Electronic sensors should be placed at various heights from the ground.

 Signal should also be sent to a few electric pumps to start to pump out the flood waters to that deep reservoir. .

 Some pavements could be replaced by ground which are porous to allow rain water to seep way down into the soil below instead of collecting on the pavement.Step 2 The drainage drains should be made deeper so that they can hold much more water without having to use up more land.  .

to prevent water from seeping into buildings .there will be water tight seals made around the corners and other joints . The flood barriers should be designed such that when they are completely up.

then the excess water can be diverted to this deep reservoir .So this way the roads will not get flooded .Step 3  Build a large deep underground reservoir if there is not enough space but if there is enough space then just build a deep surface reservoir so that if the drainage system cannot cope with the huge amount of water during a sudden downpour.

. The drainage drains should have gratings installed to prevent rubbish from dropping into the drains and hence prevent rubbish causing clogging up of the drains .

Those water can then be used for cooling purpose in the central airconditiong system of the building or used for cleaning of toilets and floors. so that most of the rain which falls onto the roofs will not drain down to the road below the building but the rain water is instead channelled to those huge storage tanks.Step 4  Build huge storage tanks on the roofs of all buildings in the frequent flood area. .

we the citizens of Malaysia should have a sense of awareness in not throwing rubbish so that we can prevent flash floods because with these tiny bits of rubbish. Last but not least. it can clog the drains. From planting trees and reserving the forest. these can help a lot in reducing flash floods. .

. the citizens should always remember not to litter anywhere they like as this can cause flash floods. Besides that.Conclusion  The conclusion that can be made in order to prevent flash flood is that government should improve our country infrastructure.