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What exactly is the Ladli Scheme?
• This scheme by the government of India make payment in the name of a girl child annually, which is kept as a fixed deposit which can then be collected with interest when the girl reaches 18 years of age. • In this case, the parents should be Delhi-based or should have been living there for a minimum of 3 years. The child should also be born in Delhi. • It is a scheme for girls whose parents earn less than Rs.1,00,000 per annum. • The conditions sound easy don’t they? Thousands of people can fulfill it. But let us see, how the Ladli Scheme has helped the National Capital.
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Declining sex ratio-little girls and death Child Sex Ratio In India 11/14/2013 4 .

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discrimination and death •The word Ladli was to evoke an image of a loving girl-child to be the centre of the family’s attention 11/14/2013 8 .Meaning and significance of Ladli •First used in a campaign by Population First to generate awareness about declining sex ratio and the value of the girl-child in India in 2005 •The campaign supported by UNFPA( United Nations Population Fund) was aimed at providing a positive message emphasizing on the value of the girl child and her emotive connections with the family •The aim was to move away from earlier discourses which associated the issue of declining sex ratio with violence.

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Ladli scheme • Girl Child Protection Scheme in Tamil Nadu. 2008 11/14/2013 11 . 1992 • Madhya Pradesh Ladli Lakshmi Yojana • Gujarat Dikri Bachao Campaign • Girl Child Protection Scheme Andhra Pradesh • Haryana Ladli Scheme 2005 • Planning Commission: Constitution of a working group in December 2008 • Dhanalakshmi –Government of India scheme.Ladli scheme. 2008 • Government of Delhi.

• Sunder Rajan(2003) Study on Tamil Nadu.scheme ineffectual in addressing core issues of gender discrimination... • Srinivasan and Bedi(2009) Study on Tamil Nadu -assumes poor families as antidaughters.Studies Say. not targeted at districts with high prevalence.. 11/14/2013 12 . no clarity on whether attitudes towards daughters has altered.

2008. Government of NCT of Delhi 11/14/2013 13 .Ladli Scheme.

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i.125 beneficiaries covered in FY 2010-11 (up to 31 Dec. 2011) 11/14/2013 15 . 917 beneficiaries covered in FY 2008-09 (up to 31 Dec. 2009) • 30.400 beneficiaries covered in FY 2009-10 (up to 31 Dec.850 beneficiaries covered in FY 2007-08 (up to 31 Dec. • 10. 2006.. of Haryana • Launched on 1st January.Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme: Govt. • Rs. • A separate scheme (Old Age Samman Allowance @ Rs.500 per month to all senior citizen) starts after 60th year. for 15 yrs. 2007) • 17. • Admissible to parents who only have daughters “to remove sense of insecurity”. 2008) • 24.500 paid every month to the family from the 45th birthday of the father/mother (whoever is older) till their 60th birthday.e.

• The amount is invested in in the group insurance scheme by Life Insurance Corporation of India in the name of the second daughter through mother / father (if mother not alive) / guardian (if both parents not alive) and the matured amount of approx.00. • The parents who are resident of Haryana are eligible irrespective of their income and number of sons. • As per official records.000 – RS.5.8. benefiting 96. 95 crore (Rs.000 per year given on the birth of Second daughter born on or after 20th August.950 Million) under this scheme.2005.. 2005. Rs. would be paid after the second daughter attains the age of 18 years.90. extended up to 2015-16. 2011 11/14/2013 16 .000.1.Ladli Scheme Government of Haryana • Launched in 20. • Rs.820 girls till Dec. so far the state government has spent Rs.

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