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i) Gas Turbine Generator


HPCL is a Government of India Enterprise with a Navratna Status Its annual turnover is Rs. 1,32,670 Crores

HPCL operates 2 major refineries producing a wide variety of petroleum



& specialties, one in Mumbai (West Coast) and the other in Visakhapatnam(East

Different units at HPCL:

Crude Distillation Unit(CDU)

Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Propylene Recovery Unit(PRU) Sulphur Recovery Unit(SRU) Diesel Hydro De Sulphurization Unit(DHDS) De Mineralization Unit(DM) Bitumen Breaking Unit(BBU) Merox Unit

Straight run and cracking LPG unit Vis Breaking Unit(VBU) Gasoline/motor spirit merox Kerosene merox Effluent treatment plant(ETP)

HPCL also owns and operates the largest Lube Refinery in the India producing Lube Base Oils

This Lube Refinery accounts for over 40% of the India's total Lube Base Oil production.

HPCL is also a leading jet fuel supplier in India

The refinery gets power from AP grid also. But due to uncertainty in power it is not completely reliable due to regular power cuts. The need of continuous supply is needed. So for this reason the captive power plant has emerged.

The refinery gets power from AP grid also. But due to uncertainty in power it is not completely reliable due to regular power cuts. The need of continuous supply is needed. So for this reason the captive power plant has emerged.

Captive power plant meets the total power demand of HPCL It uses naphtha as the fuel for the generation of the power which is a bi product obtained after the extraction of petrol and other components from the crude oil This unit comprise of six gas turbine generators (GTG)
Two with 9MW capacities (FRAME-3 Machines) each Four with 25MW capacities (FRAME -5 Machines) each

Frame -3 Machine is a two shaft machine whereas Frame -5 Machine is a single shaft machine Distribution of the power to different parts of the plant are supervised only from the CPP

GENERATORS 1&2: A 15 stage axial flow compressor type generator having two shaft one

driving the compressor and the other driving the generator. The
machine is rated for 11.2MVA at 0.8pF, 11Kv, 3-phase, 50Hz 4-pole running at a speed of 1500rpm with 6 combustion chambers are called Frame 3 machines. GENERATORS 3, 4, 5&6: A 17 stage axial flow compressor type generator rated at 27.388MVA at 0.8pF, 11Kv, 3-phase, 50Hz 2-pole machine running at a speed of 3000rpm with 10 combustion chambers are called Frame 5 machines. This type of generator only has a single shaft

Principle: The principle of a gas turbine power plant is that a turbocompressor compresses working medium to a high pressure and then it is burnt in the combustion chamber where the combustion takes place at a constant pressure and temperature of working medium is raised. This high pressure and high temperature is then expanded in gas turbine coupled to the alternator. Gas turbine plants have the following applications:

To drive generators and supply peak loads in steam, diesel or hydro plants.

To work as combination plants with conventional steam boilers To supply mechanical drive for auxiliaries.

Main Features Of The equipment Of GTG: I. Compressor Section : In this air is confined to the space between the rotor and stator where it is compressed in stages by an alternate series of rotating (rotor) and stationary (stator) air foil shaped blades II. Turbine Section : In the turbine, the high pressure gases from the combustion section are converted through shaft into horse power. III. Turbine Rotor assembly : There are two separate turbine rotors in the gas turbine. First stage or high pressure turbine rotor. Second stage or low pressure turbine rotor.

IV. Accessory Drive : The accessory drive gear located at the compressor end of Gas Turbine is a gear assembly coupled to the turbine rotor through flexible coupling

V. Turbine Support System :

This consists of Starting system, Fuel system , Lubrication system VI. Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) : HRGS are installed to recover heat from turbine exhaust gases. The steam generated is utilized for downstream process use and cogeneration plant is optimized. It consists of super heater , evaporator, economizer, condensate pre heater, chimney, fuel gas flow controllers and fuel pumps VII.Fuel system : Fuel is pumped from tanks by fuel forwarding pumps to GTG.

Major distribution system at HPCL consists of : Substations Double Bus Bar System DISTRIBUTION TO DIFFERENT SUBSTATIONS Transformers Switchgear

The scheme envisages use of two identical bus-bars so that each load may be fed from either bus; or the in feed and load circuit may be divided into two separate groups if needed from operational considerations. Also bus-bar may be taken out for maintenance and cleaning of insulators.

Transformers : HPCL uses a wide range of transformers which are very important in the power distribution system HPCL has approximately 79 transformers in the entire refinery with the rating like 10MVA/11KVA, 11/33KVA, 3.3/1.1KVA, 1.1KVA/415VA and etc.
Switchgear : The switchgear is a combination of electrical disconnects, fuses and/or circuit breaker used to isolate the electrical equipment. Classification of switchgear is generally as follows : Low Tension (L.T) High Tension (H.T) Extra High Voltage (E.H.V)