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Do they buy music magazines?

From what I gathered particularly from my results is that although a large range of people did buy music magazines also very few did so.What I gathered from this is that music magazines are a niche market already for the consumers. Which is why I think for some genres like gospel or reggae the reason they have a gap in the market is to do more so with lack of audience and/or profit. However the collective that did buy music magazines as such brought more mainstream magazines such as NME,Q,Kerrang,Mix Mag,Classic Rock. Of these particular magazines in which the consumer buys 3/5 of the music magazines that are brought are Rock/indie magazines this to me regards that in the market Rock and Indie are the most popular of the genres and would be more beneficial genres to look at. 2/5 that did buy music magazines went for a more broader mainstream music magazine. Mix Mag and Q are music magazines that heavily focus on a range of music opposed to one but the responses in particular were less What I gathered Indie or rock as a genre would be the best to look at in terms of publishing a music magazine however there is already rock/indie magazines out there so I in particular will have to make this magazine stand out in opposition.

What social networking sites do you use?

Social networking sites are now some of the easiest way to advertise, even having a page on Facebook makes it eligible for the consumer to want to buy the product. On average people spend 6.9 hours a month on social networking sites alone. So upon asking the consumers what social networking sites they spend the most time using. There were a few that were apparent to be the most popular in terms of the results. Tumblr- Of resent Tumblr is a site that is constantly on the rise, Over 147.1 million blogs are pending on tumblr and the average visit is 21 minutes a day. Facebook- With over 1.6 billion users, Facebook is constantly used with a average visit of 20 minutes a day upon this site

Although Twitter over the years was second in command to Facebook in terms of average time spent, it has now become apparent that tumblr users spend more time upon tumblr opposed to twitter. However Twitter is still a heavily popular networking site that is known for advertisers for example both Pizza Hut and Dominoes both have official twitter pages.
Social networking sites are also the easiest ways to getting feedback freely as they are stating their personal opinion/preference opposed to consumer groups who may easily be swayed or biased.

How much are the consumers willing to spend?

The results I got from this question was pretty wayward, what they would initially spend on a music magazine was vastly different but every single person was in the bracket of between 1-4.

The same can be said for do they buy cds or buy downloads and how regularly they do so.Downloading and listening to music regularly seems to be the one that has been popping up the most.

But do you download the magazine rather than just buying it.

Something that has always been questionable of recent is are we buying everything that we can on our iPads and phones to read or listen to rather than buying the object itself which has maybe more value to the consumer. Ergo freebies and even more so it is more reliant for you in case you delete the file that you downloaded. What was a surprise for me upon collecting the results is I discovered that most of the audience buy the magazines rather than the download, maybe its something utterly different about a magazine opposed to a book or cd.

How much do you spend on music weekly?

When It comes to money its always seemingly a issue because you might have a certain amount of money weekly or you just dont have it.Something to note from the conclusions I got from this questionnaire is that again people dont spend a vast amount of money on downloads or cds on a daily basis. My age bracket was between 14-20 so I got a vast amount of different age groups feedback. As well as the fact I asked equally the same amount of boys as girls.

what do you look for in a music magazine?

For this question again I got a lot of different responses as this was a comments question. Firstly the readers want the bands/artists they like in it otherwise they are deterred from buying the magazine altogether. Secondly they want recent news/articles/interviews that are relevant and recent so they know they havent just republished a old article someone's already wrote. Things that entice them; Bands they like,good articles,boys,freebies,cheap etc.

what band's/artists do you listen to as well as what kind of music do you listen to? answer comment's to list bands and multiple choice for type of music.

This question openly got me a range of different feedback because it was a multiple choice which meant I could get a really good look into what the audience listens to in terms of how I would use/embrace that for my own music magazine. Something which openly surprised me was that the most listened to genre was Indie music opposed to rock or pop. Some of the most frequent music genres people listen to is Rock, Indie and pop of the large range of genres that I presented . What I gathered from this is that because I want to do a Indie/Rock magazine it may be open for a gap in the market by not simply sticking to one genre.