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Telecom Industry Growth In Telecom Industry Career Opportunities Career Growth Industry Problem Teleman Solution Benefits of TCWMP


Telecom Industry Telecom Industry Segment WIRE LINE : WIRELESS : Land Line Phones GSM. CDMA DATA & ISP : Broadband using wire line media Broadband using wireless media .

2 MBps to 20 MBps  Advanced MMS. Video.Telecom Industry Future Technology Trends User Point of View  Multi Mode – Multi Band – Multi Network  Data Rate . Gaming… Technology Point of View (3G Technologies) .


Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Population (in crore) 116 118 120 121 123 124 126 128 Mobile subscriber (in crores) 33 43 55 68 79 90 101 110 Tele-density (Users per Hundred of population) 28.Subscriber Growth in India INDIA is 2nd largest Wireless Network in the world.91 37.84 64. TOI .69 72.15 46.86 80.66 Source.2 88.54 55.

 In infrastructure segment.5%.000 towers by 2010 to achieve 50 crores subscriber base.Telecom Industry Growth Growth in Rural India  In terms of tele-density there is a wide gap-with Metros at around 40% and Rural areas at 2. .  Service providers and vendors has shifted to these circles as well as rural India. Country require 1.50.


 Network Operations and Maintenance  Network Management  Application Management .Career Opportunities Rapid growth in Telecommunicatons across the Globe has resulted in new age career opportunities  Network Planning and Design  Network Deployment .

Operation & Maintenance Engr. Network Engineer Switching Engineer Call Co-ordinator .Career Entry Point Trainee Engineer RF Engineer BTS Installation & Commissioning Engr.

Career Opportunities Potential man power demand emerging from : Hence approach is not company specific but generic .


Engineer Surveillance Engineer Engineer Trainee . Telecommunication professional benefits TCWMP .NOC( Network Operating Centre) Fault Mgmt. Head Tech Lead Fault Management Lead Fault Mgmt. High tide in mobile industry.Career Growth Typical Growth Chart (10-12 yrs) .

Field Engineering Project Director / Head CDMA/GSM Lead Cluster Lead RF Lead RF Engineer Engineer Trainee . Telecommunication professional benefits TCWMP . High tide in mobile industry.Career Growth Typical Growth Chart (10-12 yrs) .


Telecom Industry Industry Problem Growth Approx. 4 lacs New Mobile Subscriber getting added every day .

Industry Problem  More Mobile Users  More Equipments by Manufacturers  More Manpower requirement  More Trained Telecom Professionals requirement!!! .


TELEMAN Solution To bridge the gap between Trained Manpower and Freshers !!! TCWMP [Teleman Certified Wireless Maintenance Professional] A Career oriented Professional Training .

TELEMAN Solution Who Should Attend? Freshers Degree / Diploma in engineering Electronics Telecommunication Computers /IT .

.TELEMAN Solution Content of TCWMP Program  Communication Basics  DATA Communication  Mobile Communication Technologies  BTS Infrastructure Maintenance  New Technology Wire Line Training program includes practical's.

Students are Trained and Certified by Teleman Thousands of students have been successfully placed by TELEMAN. being a pioneer institute in wireless technology has developed a customized training program after several months of Industry interaction Teleman is in training arena for over 5 years.TELEMAN Solution TCWMP Program Teleman. .

.Beneficiaries of TELEMAN Program & Many More….


Mumbai  Industry approved certification  Opportunity to be a part of Wireless Telecom Industry  Stable career & Faster growth .Benefits of TCWMP  Selected candidates would be eligible for In-house 5 days training at Reliance. DAKC.

3% S.17.30500 + 10.09 Last date of Registration : 17th Sept.642/Installments : Rs.3% S. 31000 + 10.820 /.Commencement of Batch Training Program will commence from 18th Sept.Tax = 34193/Rs.16.373 /. 09 Fees : Lump sum : Rs.Tax = 33.( Next Month) .( Admission) Rs.