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Calson A Ambomatei

our academic performances reflect the extent to which our memories are developed or “aided” We cannot avoid memorizing information. In a field of study like ours. and which we can ameliorate. It is an invaluable asset which everyone possesses.     Memory is the cognitive process which entails the recollection of past experiences. . We must therefore strive to make it better and better.

but we should also be capable of retaining and recollecting information.   Generally speaking. we first need to answer certain questions. the more important it is for you to remember something. . the more actively you need to engage with it and the more frequently you need to revisit it. To be able to effectively memorize information. We need not only be capable of memorizing.

To be candid it’s difficult for you to retain a piece of information you memorize for no reason at all  How to memorize: Know yourself and the best form in which information penetrates your brain.We first need to tell ourselves why we need to memorize that particular piece of information. as jokes…. either as images.  When? How often do we make efforts to remember?  . as sounds. as writings.  What are you memorizing? This entails associating the piece of information to be memorized to something you already know.

the two major forms in which we assimilate information are pictures (either visualization or writing.  First you need to be focused. Choose the form in which the information is most accessible to your brain. Generally. Choose a favourable time and setting for this exercise. drawing diagrams and flow charts) or and sounds (Reading aloud. . explaining processes to yourself or to a friend).

As a football fan I just told myself FC Barcelona Monopolizes the ball. . E. e we remember images if we memorized information as images. g I once had to memorize the names of drugs which inhibit murein monomer synthesis in bacterial cell walls. Associate the piece of newly acquired information to something you already know. and sounds if we memorized information verbally. cycloserine and Bacitracin.  NOTE!!! Most a times it is easier to retrieve information in the same way we stored it. Next we consolidate the information to be memorized. These drugs were Fosfomycin. I.

methionine. histidine. To remember the nine essential amino acids for humans. valine. phenylalanine. i. e isoleucine."  . tryptophan. some students remember the sentence: "I love lysine though Val thinks his meth's preferable. lysine.Use of Mnemonics: The best Mnemonics are the ones you develop yourself. mnemonics are silly words or phrases which encode valuable information. Generally. leucine. This is where creativity comes in. threonine. For instance.

  The more we need to memorize information the more frequently we need to read over it. And finally we need to evaluate ourselves regularly. THANK YOU . correcting our own selves when we go wrong.