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By: Rachna Katiyar MBA HR. Rekha Khosla 1.HR Practices BSNL Project Guide(s) Mr. Amity University.Sec Batch 20012-14 2 Amity Business School. Prahlad Yadav Mrs. Lucknow Campus . 2.

To determine the effectiveness of HR practices and are employees getting benefits. Amity University. its effectiveness and also to recommend processes to make the employee more capable. To take the feedback for seeing the employee satisfaction level and also if there is anything new which has to be made perfect? Amity Business School. work load and problems of employee.Objectives 1. 2. Is Online leave effective in reducing the time. To determine and understand the frequency and procedures of HR Practices followed in the organization. Lucknow Campus 3 . 3. 4.

Amity University.Research Methodology       Primary data – Questionnaire Observation Secondary data – collect from BSNL office Company Web site 4 Amity Business School. Lucknow Campus .

There has been Improvement in the organization due to HR practices. 4. There is lack of motivation. employee don’t cooperate other employee and they are getting only benefits from the BSNL. 2. The online leave is successful. 5. Amity University. There are so many facilities provided instead of these employees are not working properly. Through the analysis of medical facilities BSNL employees are very satisfied.Findings 1. Lucknow Campus 6. . 5 Amity Business School. 3. Welfare system is very good and employees are satisfied with welfare scheme.

It is time saving. flexible. 6 2. The frequency of working has been maintain in a proper quorum after introducing the HR practices. economical. Amity Business School. These HR practices deals with the organization effectiveness and also benefits the employees. 5. efficient. Lucknow Campus . there is relief to the employer and employee. Amity University. 4. As company introduced this HRMS package. 3. way of controlling the HR department.Conclusions 1. This strategy examines the issues that are central for HR to continue to support the department’s success and set a new direction. reliable. The process of online leave has reduced the paper work and also it saves time.

Recommendations 1. All the employees should be given proper training on how to use the package. They should be provided with net facility. they don’t want to cooperate others that why BSNL have some problem.. Lucknow Campus 7 . Many don’t have the access to the internet. 2. Because there are some employees who don’t know how to use the package. 3. Amity Business School. They should work together. staff will have the opportunity to be involved in decision making and to express their opinions knowing management will listen to them and value their contributions Employee are not motivated. Amity University.

Amity University. Lucknow Campus 8 .THANK YOU Amity Business School.