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Death for Nothing

The Failure of the Abortion and
Contraceptive Industry Economic
Isaiah 57:11,12 And of whom hast thou
been afraid or feared, that thou hast lied,
and hast not remembered me, nor taken it
to heart? Have not I even of long time held
my peace, and thou fearest me not? I will
declare thy righteousness, and thy works;
and they shall not profit thee.
Part One: Promises, Failure and
The economic model of the
abortion and contraception
industries promises prosperity
within its own means.
The premise of the existence of such
industries was that they existed to bring
prosperity and freedom in that prosperity that
could not be had with the ‘burden’ of children
who were presented to be ‘extra people’ as
“non-contributing units” within that economic
Those industries appeared, out of
nowhere, fully prepared to do their work,
with ideological arguments fully polished
and appeared as enablers of prosperity
and economic stability for all.
Yet now the very economic prosperity they promised
does not exist.

And in the midst
of their utter
failure to deliver
benefits, they cry
out that more
children have to
die for “the good
of the economy”.
Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi, said
that less children is good for the economy and
plans to spend over 600 million dollars for public
contraception and abortion.

Less babies has not been good for the
economy. In fact, those that have killed their
children by contraception and abortion to this
day do not see the prosperity that was promised,
only the worst economic times since the Great
Depression. Contraception and Abortion are not
and have never been “poverty insurance”.
The children have died for nothing.
There has been no economic benefit.
The Economic Policy of Prosperity
of the Contraception and Abortion
..was and is simply bait to get more people to kill
their own children in the hopes of getting some
of the Important Currency within the economic
plan that worked with and justified abortion and
contraception as poverty insurance measures
and which has utterly failed.
Within the mindset of the same policy that seeks
to reduce the population of the United States ‘for
economic reasons’ , we see universal support
for massive immigration ‘to fill jobs’.
A native of the United States might ask at
this point: “What jobs?” as an indication of
the failed policies that supposedly
mandate the contraceptive and abortion

Literally hundreds of thousands of jobs are
being cut, while contraceptives and
abortion are growth industries and illegal
immigration is encouraged.
We see ‘humanitarian’ reasons to import
massive amounts of persons into the US in the
midst of such economic failure.

The economic downturn for Americans
and especially for those who have killed
their children for money, seems not to
effect the obvious plenty that awaits the
new immigrant in the eyes of the
economic common sense of the
contraception and abortion industries.
We see more people coming in and for
which a plenty awaits, than we do children
getting killed here for an economic benefit
that has failed to materialize while the
SAME economic policy claims both are
necessary and supposedly not
The population of the United States is being
replaced and simultaneously being told the
economic prosperity that is promised, yet that
has failed to deliver again and again is for
Part Two:
More is More: Less
is just ..less
more children means more people
means more Labor
A single person can grow enough food to
feed many other people in addition to

People in cooperation with each other
already produce surpluses of food and
industrial goods that are wasted
Which is “more moral”?
To kill children on the premise that less children
will mean a “better economic outcome” as
implicit poverty insurance and “plenty for
everyone”, even though such has never
materialized as actual prosperity?


To simply give the children what is already being
produced and wasted?

To kill your children for the sake of giving
that same surplus to illegal immigrants?
Less people means Less Labor
Less producers and buyers of goods and services

Less builders

Less maintainers

Less defenders

Less individuals bringing to the table of God and to the
world what their individual gifts from Jesus Christ bring
Less people means poverty
Never forget:
In Warfare:

..equals less people
Part Three: But?
Look at the massive poverty in India and
Pakistan, in China –nations with vast
populations. There, very obviously,
more people means poverty and is a
proof that population control is necessary
for economic benefit!
Why are they poor?

Are they really poor? Or are they simply
defined to be poor to further a larger
argument in favor of mere economic
policies that are against children-as-
wealth as a mere dogma?
Even if they are ‘really’ poor, they are
poor within a very particular
economic model that seeks to
present itself as the only possible
wealth and to keep away prosperity
through any other path than itself –to
keep them in it as a prison and say
there is no prison.
It presents itself not as a path to
wealth; but as wealth itself as
‘knowledge’. Thus, it has a stake in
defining all those who do not play
according to its rules as “the poor”
and in order to portray itself as
compassionate, those same persons
who do not play according to its rules
are portrayed as “under educated and
under privileged”.
Part Four: Truth, Reason or

According to that economic theory, are
lots of children, YOUR children as well, a
supposed automatic sign of “poverty”?
Children as a supposed
automatic sign of poverty
is not truth or reason.

It’s dogma.
What do they get?
What do they receive for getting everyone to kill
their children?

They get their god’s approval. That’s it.

No money. No land. No business. No prosperity for
themselves. They are for the most part already
wealthy and practice abortion and contraception
among themselves. No benefit other than an ‘at-
a-boy from the big faceless Presence they
Part Five:
Ideological and Spiritual poker? You lose.
Would you play poker with ideology
as your opponent and your children
as your money?
Have you?

Are you doing so with other people’s
children through government?
According to documents by
USAID, you as a taxpayer are
paying to ‘educate’ ‘poor’
people the world over that
contraceptives help their health
and the environment and that to
stop having children makes
them morally superior people.
USAID is proud to do so and to say such ploys are
‘from the American people’.

Go to their website: Family Planning and Family
Spacing ( the new catchword to avoid alarming
the target populace ) are well presented as the
primary purpose of the agency.

They are not keeping it a secret.
Nor is the contraception and abortion ideology
pushed by USAID trying to keep secret the fact
they infiltrate target populations with agents as
religious leaders to push their agenda:

From: ( In
their own words; a qualitative study of family
planning in Jordan )

“This research demonstrates that perceptions of religious
principles are important, often decisive, factors in
whether a couple will use modern methods. The clergy,
as interpreters of religious principles, can help assure the
public that family planning, including modern method
use, is religiously acceptable.”
After studying Somali refugees to determine how
to get them to get on the contraceptive/abortion

From: Somali Perspectives on Child Spacing

“Strategies for encouraging FP
Emphasize child spacing – family planning is
largely interpreted as limiting the size of one’s
family, which is culturally unacceptable”
Here? In the U.S.?
Even now new “reports” and “research” pour forth from
religious institutions as leading the way to stop childbirth
under any pretext.

Heard that babies born in winter are supposedly on a fast
track to socio-economic disadvantage and usually come
from poorer mothers? That ‘report’ comes from Notre
Dame, a Roman Catholic Institution. A report seeming to
make contraceptives “culturally acceptable” via religious
Are American women to suddenly loath
having ‘winter babies’?

What about “spring babies”?

Exactly what new family “spacing” schemes
can we expect next from agents of the
contraception and abortion industry from
religious institutions?
As fast they can say it with your money,
“poor” people; people defined as poor by
the very economic model that has failed to
deliver any of the prosperity it promised to
you but has instead resulted in the worst
loss of domestic jobs since the Great
Depression even as it keep repeating its
promises, is saying to ‘poor people’ the
world over in your name and even here in
the U.S.:
Can I define
Use contraceptives
as you poor?
or be sterilized!
Under privileged?

Get beads, better types and
strains of crops, micro-loans and
livestock! Get more money!
Get beads, livestock
and a menial Job in payment!
Heaven will love you!

Be sterilzed!

Desire to be pious?

Want to Ascend / Evolve to a Higher Lifestyle
or being? It’s easy! It’s Safe! Tie your tubes!
Swallow the Pill! Take the shot!
What is the basis of such logic?
• That such logic takes place in an
absence of other models of economics
than the one in which temporary
sterilization ( contraceptives ) or
permanent sterilization are supposedly
mandated to economically survive
• That no one will ever find out that there
is an alternative and even if they do, it
will be too late.
The pillars of the economic model
that mandates death of children as
a standard part of a “healthy and
happy life” and as “economic
development” as functional poverty
There is an Important currency and if you don’t
have it, you are by definition: POOR,
..economic warfare is cast as religious
dictate so as portray a takeover of a
target economy and population as a
moral rescue of the ‘poor’ into the
Important currency and what that
currency can provide in total reality as
that failed economic theory
so recognizable to you as failed in the
present day
Whatever the limitations of
that currency are, those
same limitations must apply The first step in
to all of total reality. destroying a
is to give them new
religion based on
new powers of the
object of worship:
what can the new
currency / the new
Importance, deliver
and how does one get
the currency to deliver
its power?
Extreme levels of education to teach you and the
target population to not-see what is going on: to
teach you to be blind.

Free education.

Scholarships. Especially to religious institutions.

Flattery. They will call you a Doctor once they give
you a PhD.
Four: In attempts Out of all the
to deflect the “natural laws
failure of the and cycles”
economic polices one might pick
of the
contraception to assail in
and abortion order to make
industries, the the economic
limitations of the
Important polices viable,
Currency are what are the
said to be limited odds children
by “natural
economic laws
would be the
and cycles”. constant target
and their death
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