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The Failure of

Abortion Industry
Economic Policies:
Part Two

Renting the definition of money to know
what to owe to whom from ..whom?
Part Six: Narrow
Are you narrow minded?
..for noticing you have been lied to?

..for understanding the prosperity, the
economic benefit that contraception and
abortion were to have brought you and
others never materialized?

..for understanding you are being attacked
by that very policy of contraception and
there is the narrow of..

a river of life giving water
..a wall of defense
..a way home
..of utility
There is the narrow of..

..particular and exclusive affection
the narrow of..

..thin pages of truth
.. of the only key that works
..of real refinement

..and of actual sobriety
..of justice
Then there is the narrow of a culture of
death that seeks to exclude almost all..

..souls from life because they do not match an
arbitrary definition of ‘deserving of life’ because
of the mere embarrassment of a failed
economic policy..
..the narrow of an economic policy that seeks


all those who do not fit within its own model of
reality and for whom it cannot perform its
promises.. if they were at fault
As if there wasn’t
enough, couldn’t
be enough in all
the world for
because there
isn’t enough for
all.. their mind.
They kill for a mere principle they have made up
in their minds that they seek to ensnare you into
worshipping to supposedly gets its power ‘too’
..that has never worked no matter where it has
been tried.
Part Seven:
Distraction :
It’s just
They need a cover for what they do
and their failures.
Who would fall for the line: “Kill your children for me would
you? My political system can’t work with too many
people.” as an introductory statement in a long and
meaningful relationship?
It has to sound reasonable so that you
do not become alarmed.

You must be flattered and then reproved by a
supposed superior mind and heart
that at times lifts you up on its shoulders as a
sign of its own supposed humility
It has to sound complicated..

and sophisticated
The ‘Life’ Other /
Boat People’s

Clause A
Religious Why
Circumstance B
Why Be flexible
will ya’ !
Clause A? “Our currency / Our
Rules”: The fine print..
Item 1: You rent the ideology and its definition of money
from us and pay in children. We tell you what you owe
and when you owe it. We set the schedule of baby

Item 2: We in turn provide you with the Important
currency and all it can get you

Item 3: We control everything: the currency and
the goods and services it can get you; We
are the currency’s power base. We’re here to
help and have the power and authority to do
so from a Higher ..Somebody from
Extenuating Circumstance?
1. There are whole parts of you as a being
that have until now, been unexplored.


In that exploration of the total you, you
might need to do some things that before
the Economic Theory came, you would not
have considered ..normal.
2. New research has shown…

“You don’t know it? But you are being
abused. We are here to effect your rescue
and bring you a justice that has sought for
you all your life. My brother! My sister!
How I have longed for your emancipation
from the slavery of children!”
And whatever you

Don’t be a winter baby!
Part Eight: Get Over it in Christ
Everyone is a sucker on a certain level. You
can’t get out of your own deceptions.

You don’t know them.

That’s part of why they are called
deceptions. That’s why God plainly Says
we need Him to bless us with life.
Most people make an effort to help each
other out of deceptions. It isn’t always
pleasant. But that is how God works to
bring us together.
Then there are those who love to give
other people deceptions and who love
deceiving others to kill them.
You can
recover from
losing money or
a particular
currency or

You can get
over even
losing a nation.
But you can’t get children back
from the dead.

You have lost in a poker match to an
ideology that is itself a lie if you have killed
your own seed on the behalf of that
ideology or its economic policies. Your
government is funding, with your taxes,
the killing of children all over the world on
the identical economic theory that has not
worked here or anywhere.

That means you did nothing ..
..that was truth while you were inside the lie of
those economic policies and were deceived.

You didn’t get ahead.

You didn’t find safety or prosperity.

The whole time you were inside the lie, real justice
was going on; real truth that you were in
absolute warfare against because you were
The fact that you were deceived does not
change what happened. You can’t get your
children back. You can’t get out of the side
effects of the contraceptives.

The truth that it was a very good lie that
deceived you –not a cheap fly-by-night flim
flam– changes nothing. You can say that others
have to get up early and spare no expense to
fool you…

But that doesn’t change the truth that they did.
They did it while saying theirs was the only
economic possibility and went so far as to
falsely name their theory Capitalism

It was always Socialism and Communism

For which they had you pay them:

Your children.
A failed economic theory of life:
..yet again, without any secret police

Without “disappearing” of political adversaries in a
public way..

Without police state tactics

Murdered and is murdering millions of children
The children were killed and are

..for no gain
But these days they have trained
you to ask, not “where are my

But: “Where
is my
as if you should thank them that fewer and
fewer of you physically exist to contribute
to a large economy that needs their help.
..even as they continue to promise more
benefits in return for less American
children in the United States and all
children outside of the United States.
New Life in the Death and Life
Isn’t it time to think outside the box of the
failed promises of the contraception and
abortion industries? stop the automatic “Christ wants me to be
poor, ridiculed and have nothing!” of the
contraceptive and abortion industry economic
‘wisdom’ in order to make it seem that their
version of Christ, the ‘Christ’ that has no problem
with killing children, will make you rich in their
economic theories? do some private searching in Christ rather than
very public religious ceremony of pop
Christianity that has delivered none from the
dangers that pose as supposed freedoms?
Read your own Bible
Ask Jesus Christ for understanding and
deliverance from all deceit

You won’t get it any other way. If He does
not give it to you, you don’t get it.

John 14:6 Jesus says to him, I am the
way, and the truth, and the life. No one
comes to the Father unless by me.
There is forgiveness and new life in
Jesus Christ
Revelation 21:5 And he that sat on the
throne said, Behold, I make all things
new. And he says to me , Write, for
these words are true and faithful.

1 Peter 1:23 being born again, not of
corruptible seed, but of incorruptible,
by the living and abiding word of God.
Ephesians 2:1-10 and *you*, being dead in your offences
and sins-- in which ye once walked according to the
age of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of
the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of
disobedience: among whom *we* also all once had our
conversation in the lusts of our flesh, doing what the
flesh and the thoughts willed to do, and were children, by
nature, of wrath, even as the rest: but God, being rich in
mercy, because of his great love wherewith he loved us,
(we too being dead in offences,) has quickened us with
the Christ, (ye are saved by grace,) and has raised us
up together, and has made us sit down together in the
heavenlies in Christ Jesus, that he might display in the
coming ages the surpassing riches of his grace in
kindness towards us in Christ Jesus. For ye are saved
by grace, through faith; and this not of yourselves; it is
God's gift: not on the principle of works, that no one
might boast. For we are his workmanship, having been
created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has
before prepared that we should walk in them.
Peace to you, safety and prosperity in Jesus

Isaiah 57:19,20 I create the fruit of the
lips: peace, peace to him that is afar
off, and to him that is nigh, saith
Jehovah; and I will heal him. But the
wicked are like the troubled sea, which
cannot rest, and whose waters cast up
mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith
my God, to the wicked.
An Economic Issues and Warfare Presentation
in the Basic Government Series

A Christian Clarity Media presentation 2009
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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