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International Centre for Guidance Studies 16th Annual Lecture (16.11.


Tristram Hooley

The basics

About iCeGS
A research centre specialising in career and career development. Based in the School of Education, University of Derby. Eight research staff, doctoral students and an more than 50 associates.

This year
New staff New associates New doctoral students 22 publications (so far) addressing careers work in schools, careers work in higher education, STEM, social pedagogy and practice and a range of other areas. A considerable amount of globe trotting!

Working with
ELGPN Vitae Careers England HEFCE National STEM Centre Chwarae Teg University of Derby Croatian Employment Service Derby City Council Derbyshire County Council and many more

Why we needed iCeGS

I wanted to see prestige. I wanted recognition that we were taking seriously the whole question about how we got best value out of public money, what worked, what didnt work and things that would actually shape the service that we were delivering. So what could we learn from what was happening both in terms of our own delivery, but increasingly on an international stage what could we learn that would actually improve what we did? Jean Pardoe

15 years!

Coming soon

A Beacon for Guidance: The iCeGS story

2.30 Welcome to the University of Derby, and Dr Tristram Hooley, Head of iCeGS
Annual Lecture Dr Wendy Hirsh Questions and discussion chaired by Professor Tony Watts (Visiting Professor, iCeGS) 4.00 Close of formal lecture, followed by refreshments


Introducing Wendy Hirsch

Career support for grown ups: A tiny profession or everyones business?

Dr Wendy Hirsh