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The Economic Times

Parent Company The Times Group

Business Standard
Anand Bazaar group

Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan USP

Newspaper Media & Entertainment The power of knowledge Know More, No Less
Biggest Indian newspapers giving business, finance and economics news One of the oldest and most credible Financial newspaper, circulated in more than 1000 cities

Segmentation Economic and Business News reader segment

Segmentation Economic and Business News reader segment

Target People keen to know about financial activities & can read English and Hindi Positioning Leading Economic newspapers to have tie-up with Financial Times of London

Target English speaking and reading audience in India

Positioning Indias leading financial daily

SWOT Analysis



Oppurtunities Threats

SWOT Analysis

Strength Weakness
Oppurtunities Threats

Wide coverage and hugely popular top-of-themind brand Part of Largest Media House in India and hence excellent reach of over 800,000 per day Has a good Brand Recall and is synonymous with financial and business news and coverage Has good supplements like Brand Equity and Corporate Dossier travel which gives it an edge over others More of negativity in news during the bullish and bearish phase of market Size of paper

Can leverage existing Supplements to differentiate itself from competition. Tie ups with top class brands to get even more readership base Tie-ups with financial institutions, colleges etc

Increased competition from other dailies On line news medium means reduced circulation

Economic and business news paper along with additional supplements

Competitive pricing with respect to other financial papers ( Rs. 3/paper)

Place Ease to find the product online - epaper , mobile application & widely at all stalls Promotion Business excellence awarding annually


Systematic approach covering all sectors. Segregation of NEWS in supplements Overview of whole week is given in Weekend

Provide general awareness in terms of investment

Not creative Monotonous styling of headlines No own publication house Display of Ads sometimes creates a Fuss NEWS is sometimes very lengthy

Can give an extra page on Mumbai based News Can include Sunday's edition Weekend in subscription Can also reduce price of Sunday's Edition Potential Market availability. Can have tie-ups for renowned brands for ads

Continuous monotonous approach Low pricing Strategy Toughest competition from The Economic Times

Economic and business news paper along with additional supplements

Competitive pricing with respect to other financial newspapers.

Place It has a widespread network in India, being circulated in more than 1000 cities. Also available online with ease and easy availability at stalls Promotion Free supplements automobile sector

New Marketing Strategy

To be the Market leader in Business newsletters in India. To increase the distribution network

To connect with the readers

Improvising the product

Mint should start covering small startups Introducing new informative columns

Customer segment: The youth between 15 to 30 years of age. The idea is to create a strong readership among youth , who will still prefer mint even after they surpass the age of 30 due to strong connection. Photos bacha paper

Mint should start circulation in four more promising cities like Lucknow, Vishakapatnam, Jabalpur and Amritsar.

Mint should have their vendors outside colleges and schools.

Newspaper Kiosks Social Networking Real Readers Going social

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