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Prepared for GATI
Prepared by: kumar Mukesh
Tarun Goyal Amit Malhotra Rajat Dua Ajit yadav Vishal talia Amit Kumar Prakash Gupta Vikas khanna Ayush Agarwal

The company is not getting the expected

revenues from its Desk-To-Desk Cargo services

Purpose of the study
After our research company will come to know

what the customer needs from their desk to desk cargo services.
This research will also help company to

increase their market base and to overcome the problem the company is facing.

The purpose of this research is to discover the

satisfaction level of the customers .
The research also intend to identify the

requirements of the customers. The research also intends to identify the potential customers.

Company’s profile
Gati pioneered the concept of Retail Express

Cargo and express Distribution in India

In the 19 years tenure, Gati has grown to occupy

every link of the value chain in the logistics business segment

Gati has the largest fleet of over 2100 vehicles on

road, with a nation wide network unmatched in the industry

Supported by state-of-the-art warehouses,


S ales

surface express-50% fuel stations-16% coast-to-coast -11% freighter-10% logistics-7% others+ desk-to-desk -6%

Desk-to-Desk services contributed less than

6% of the total revenues of Rs.55,207 lakhs during the F.Y. 2007-08. In 1989,Gati launched desk-to-desk cargo , a new concept of door-to-door service. It’s an affordable surface product especially designed for the non-commercial packages.

Gati Desk to Desk Cargo
• This is a service offered under Gati’s Surface

Express For non-commercial, small size shipments upto 4kgs  Priced at Rs.135/- per shipment + taxes.

Features :
Cost effective option for customer who want to

send small shipments Can send from anywhere to anywhere in India Ideal for samples, gifts, study material, printed material 

Research design
Questionnaires: We will distribute around 500

questionnaires in Noida & Ghaziabad region among the customers and 500 among the other consumers of these services. Evaluation of Non-Response: a random sample of 50 names will be secured from the list of the customers who don’t return the questionnaires. We will make them a call and will try to know their responses.

Statistical Tool
Method of least square in time series analysis

Yc= a+bX Yc= required trend value or estimate for particular year X=unit of time It will facilitate the comparative study of data for two or more related period.

Data Analysis
We will review the questionnaires returned by

the customers.

We will also review the questionnaires

returned by other consumers of the same services.

Salaries Travel cost Questionnaires development Supplies Printing cost Telephone cost/charges  Total costs

50,000 45,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 10,000 1,25,000

Sources from which we have taken the data 1) 2) Gati‘s annual report 2007-08 3) Goldman Sachs research estimates.