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Carmen Chávez

Denise Darling, Carmen Chávez Gabriella Horowitz, Anita DeRomo, Tracey Bourne

The Big Picture: UbD Curriculum Grant P. Wiggins, Jay McTighe

Three Stages of UbD ( Understanding by Design)

Helpful UbD Websites
UbD template (pdf), http://www.grantwiggins.org/documents/ForcastingFuture.pdf Essential Question summary, Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe http://www.jaymctighe.com/ubdweblinks.html UbD Backward Design Process, http://digitalliteracy.mwg.org/curriculum/process.html LESSON PLAN template, http://digitalliteracy.mwg.org/curriculum/lesson.html

UbD website with examples, http://www.authenticeducation.org/bigideas/resource_carousel_list.lass

Essential Questions UbD Workbook Questions Characteristics of Essential

• Essential Questions have no one obvious right answer.

• •

They uncover, rather than cover up a subject’s controversies, puzzles and perspectives. e.g. What is snow” Why is winter colder than summer? Essential Questions raise other important questions, often across subjectarea boundaries e.g. How does global warming affect all forms of life? What can be done to decrease CO2 emissions? Essential Questions address the philosophical or conceptual foundations of a discipline. They focus the learning of big ideas and core processes in Science. e.g. In nature do only the strong survive? Essential Questions recur naturally and are important enough to show up in several science units. e.g. What evidence of Patterns of Change is illustrated within… (the Rock Cycle, Seasons, Adaptation)? What is the relationship of Form to Function in… (Plants, Animals, Cell Shape, States of Matter)?

Essential Questions
•Essential Questions are framed to provoke and sustain student interest. e.g. Why/how do we see color? •Essential Questions provide a continuum of learning from broad overarching questions to more specific Unit Questions. Guidelines: Questions should Questions should language. Questions should Questions should ideas. be framed for maximal simplicity. be worded in student-friendly provoke discussion. lead to larger essential and unit

Essential Questions websites
• Jamie McKenzie, EQ template • Greenwich Public School Virtual Library,
Enduring Understandings & EQ • Guided questions to ask yourself in the backward design process. • 10 top questions to ask yourself ( Backward Design) • Digital Literacy ( Backward Design template)

In a nutshell

Integration of UbD and DI

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