The Secret Lair of the Byzantine Cannibal Greenlight 2



Character Profile: Byzantine Cannibal

The profile for my character, the Byzantine Cannibal, hasn’t changed since my last greenlight review. My character is a high priest of a religious sect that worships the Magna Vulturem (Great Vulture), the supposed reincarnation of Emperor Constantine. Character Monologue: The Empire has begun to thrive, gold pours in to the city coffers, people arrive in droves and pour through the city gates like cattle while our hunting grounds, Constantine’s hunting grounds, grow ever larger. The fall of the west was His last gift to us, the faithful, before His ascension into the skies.

O’ Magna Vulturem, may your mighty wings shield us from the world’s sight, may your piercing eyes spy the most valuable prey, may our offerings reach your vicious beak, may our relentless chants be heard by your sharpened ears, may our practices please your terrifying mind and your hunger of flesh inspire us, fuel us become us as we become closer to you, join with you, become one with you, and one of your many feathers. The cattle at the gates are His gift to us, men, women and children, the most abundant of commodities and the secret of their creation unguarded, recruits for our gangs, slaves for our homes, livestock for our breeding grounds and offerings for His almighty beak.

Visual Concept Statement: Sacrificial Chamber

The visual concept for my final piece revolves entirely around the sacrificial chamber idea. The design of the room is nearly identical to before except with pillars and mosaics added into the scene to give it more authenticity as a Byzantine structure or room. The composition and arrangement of my final scene allows me to make it more interesting and detail its the interior more richly.

Final Concept Piece: The Sacrificial Chamber

Visual Concept Statement: The Black Blood Altar

The concept for my hero prop is a black granite altar, with engravings and carved cannals that will channel blood/ fluids into deep grooves in the floor, which are arranged into a pattern resembling two great wings. This is symbolically representative of the cult’s obsession with Magna Vulturem and his illustrious image. The name “Black Blood” refers to the colour of a victims blood as it runs down the altars cannals, the discoloured liquid that seeps across the black marble is regarded among the followers of the Magna Vulturem as a sign from the great Constantine himself of his appeasement. This object is utterly revered by those who set their eyes upon it and is a myth to all who haven’t.

Final Hero Prop Concept: The Black Blood Altar