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Prospect Research and Corporate Fundraising

Edward Brown
Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity

18th November 2013

Before we start
About me What Im going to talk about Just a few questions for you
Who does a bit of corporate research? Who here undertakes corporate research? Who works with a corporate partnerships team?

What is Corporate Fundraising?

Its just getting gifts from companies, right?
Obviously straight-up corporate donations are wonderful, but there are different strands to consider
Supplier/Stakeholder Fundraising Sponsorship
Cause Related Marketing Employee Fundraising Gifts/Service-In-Kind Logo/Name Licensing Recycling Sales Promotions Affinity Partnerships Events

So what are you looking for?

You just take an individual profile, and add company financial details and TAH-DAH!!! Corporate profile! Not so simple
What to research and report on? Depends on the ask Depends on the fundraising mechanism Depends on the nature of the company Depends on previous giving
Its SO variable, and this will dictate what is required

Cause Related Marketing

Win, win, win for everyone involved the charity, the business and the consumer Not necessarily altruistic or philanthropic Good to estimate a quantifiable fundraising target For example - If add an optional x to bill/purchase price, can consider:
total no. customers, multiplied by % take up = estimated amount CRM can raise

Employee Fundraising
Large companies LOVE EF How can they raise funds?
Challenge events Bake sales Gala events

How much could they raise? Consider:

No. of employees Av. gift size of what employee raises Look at Justgiving, company press releases

Straight Cash Gifts the Holy Grail

How much can you expect?
Look at previous giving Per Cent Club BitC

Who are you asking?

CSR team? CEO? Chairman? Public or private company?

Even if approach to a director at a large company, can still prove tricky to get company support

However, peer-to-peer asks will be more successful 60% of New Business income in last two years is attributed to GOSHCC Corporate Board

So what should I profile for corporate fundraisers?

Company activity and history
Financials Turnover, pre-tax profit, shareholder funds

Due Diligence
Previous charitable giving What have they funded? Why that particular charity? Are there personal links? Competitor Analysis What are the other companies in their sector? Who do they support?

PR / branding news

Known peer links Company values

Previous relationship?
Company products, brands, services What do they sell? What is popular? Are there new products to be aware of?

SWOT Analysis

Number of stores/locations Geography where are they based?

Board of directors / senior executives Whats their history? Where have they been? Who do they know?

Rating your corporate prospect

What to consider (in order): Previous charitable donations Type of charities supported Fundraising mechanism Nature of company Customers Employees Turnover

Corporate fundraising and prospect research - in a nutshell

Any Questions?