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Guided Question

Is Unification worth it for nations? Why or why not?

Do Now
1) had the support of the Roman Catholic

One similarity between the Science Revolution and the Enlightenment is that both
Church 2) contributed to the end of feudalism 3) placed greater values on traditional beliefs 4) emphasized the value of human reasoning

Think Out Loud!!!
Do all families get along because they are related by blood? If not, what are some things families disagree on?

Review of Nationalism
Nationalism – Showing of Pride, loyalty, love, and honor for your country and ethnicity

I) Review of Italian Nationalists
A) King Victor Emmanuel II – First Italian king after Italy unified B) Camillo Cavour - Italian nationalist who helped unify Italy by defeating the Austrians

C) Garibaldi – Italian nationalist who helped unify Italy by defeating the French

II) Italy Can’t Agree
A) Italy has not been united for over a thousand years B) Each state had its own laws, leaders, and government. C) North and south had very different lifestyles. North is rich with factories. South is rural, farmers and poor.

II) Italy Can’t Agree
D) Disagreed on how government should be set up E) Italian government had many arguments with the Pope. F) Who should we give voting rights to? G) Should the people put loyalty to the Pope first? Or the Italian king?

Reading / Activity
• Read the reading together or independently. Complete
annotation and underlining of main ideas. Circle important Vocab and People

• Complete the questions that follow the reading
• Be Prepared to discuss questions. You may be called
randomly, so be PREPARED!