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Strengthening Student Success Conference 2013: San Francisco

Michael Poindexter, Vice President of Enrollment & Student Services Victoria Rosario, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services Nichelle Williams, Counselor

Data Drives Successful Planning

Using data to inform how decisions are being made to support student success helps you work smarter Quantitative Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey Community College Survey of Student Engagement National Survey of Student Engagement Home grown surveys Survey Monkey Qualitative Focus Groups Interviews Charettes Town hall meetings Counselor Institutes Student Success Curricular Institutes Student Services Institutes VP and Deans Institute

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Everyone Needs an Advisor

Advisors Prepare You

I Learned a Lot

An educational planner is your personalized academic roadmap! It outlines the courses you need to fulfill your educational goalAn educational planner helps you to keep on track with your goals and should be updated if your goals change.
Source: Yang, R. (2011). City Advantage, A Planning Guide for Spring 2012, p. 14.

iSEP in Sync



Towards Student Success

VPSSs listed iSEP as one of three top priority projects in April

2008 along with Degree Audit and Assessment Test placement/portability

At that time LRCCD colleges used a PDF form to record general

counseling SEPs (prior to 2005 paper only)

Paper copy was handed to student

Image was stored in Onbase.

Improvement on handwritten SEPs, but .. Did not engage students

No integration with eServices (Degree Audit / Student Planner)

Not useful for other purposes (Instructional Planning) Not useful to track student actions to plan

Educational Planner
First Name: Noel Home Phone: Check: ED GOAL: Transfer: GE Pattern: Catalog Year: Assessment Scores: Semester Course Units A&R AA Athletics AS CalWORKs Last Name Levitz Bayou : Cell Phone EOPS Financial Aid

Counseling Department - Sacramento City College

Student ID#0000000 International (I-20) MESA/MEP Puente RISE

Major: Major: UC CSU Other Location: IGETC CSU GE-Breadth Other: Accumulated Units: Writing: Var Semester Course AA/AS: Math: Var Semester Course Units Cert: CSU: ESL: Comments Var UC:


Reading: Units

Total Units Semester Course Units Var

Total Units Semester Course Units Var

Total Units Semester Course Comments Units Var

Total Units Semester Course Units Var

Total Units Semester Course Units Var

Total Units Semester Course Comments Units Var

Total Units

Total Units

Total Units

The courses listed on this form are recommended as a program of study based upon my educational goal. I understand changes to my educational goal should be reviewed by a counselor. Ed Plan: Complete Partial (return for counseling) Draft (return for counseling)


Student Counselor

Date Printed Name

Rev: 11/6/06

Student Planning- Before

OnBase: SEP Image

Degree Audit (eServices)

Where is that Paper?

Paper SEP

Student Planner (eServices)

iSEP an Evolution
Need for web based electronic Ed Plan recognized by

LRCCD in 2008.(4 separate PDF-SEPs) SP11 commitment made to include Faculty through pilot program at SCC for the iSEP. Development of prototype with Counselor input and IT training and application. Use by Counselors monitored by SCC Dean of Counseling through DO data and additional training by users initiated for Counselors SCC Senior Leadership Team presentation SP 12 iSEP 2.0 released

iSEP an Evolution (cont.)

Use of old electronic Ed Plan discontinued in August 2012.

iSEP October Advertising campaign to students plus SCC

411 and BSI visits (90 SP) DO iSEP meetings includes Deans, Counselors, IT personnel, Administrators, DO staff all colleges. iSEP conference calls Prioritization by all participants regarding the major issues to be addressed (Enhancement list) Full college implementation planned for July 1, 2013 we are iSEP ahead of the goal

Student Centered Process


Informed Enrollment

E Services

My Planner

Steps to Success

Components - Student
New iSEP tab in eServices Official SEP courses Copy to My Planner Review Steps to Success Student copies courses from iSEP into their Planner Term by Term course plan Facilitates class registration process Planner courses appear in the students Degree Audit interactive report as planned (Plan by My Requirements) View of counselor comments

Components - Counselor
1. Student Information Ed goal, Major, Requirement Term Assessment Placement and Competency 2. Course Plan From pre-defined templates From course catalog 3. Comments Multiple text comments entered by counselors Viewable by student in eServices 4. Referral Services View of current participation Selection to refer student to services

Student Planning- After

Degree Audit

Course Catalog

Degree Audit (eServices)

My EdPlan !

Electronic SEP Paper SEP Student Planner (eServices)

iSEP Summary
Key features:
Well informed Student Course plan by term Counselor comments
Interfaces with student data, degree

audit, Basic Skills, student planner, & assessment portability

Can be viewed & updated by any

counselor in the district at any time Paths, and three GE templates (AA/AS, CSU and UC)

Referral to support services Drop down assessment, Basic Skills Signature section
All data entered can be turned into

a report (e.g. referral follow up)

Students can always find it in


Select a College

Select Educational Goal, Major or Add New College

Click on the drop down box to change the Educational Goal: Click on the drop down box to change the Major:

Transfer Data for Primary Choice 4 Year College Options:

Select a College System Select a College Select a Major Select a Transfer Pattern

This is an example of the possible selections when selecting transfer information for a 4 year college.

Counselors can add free form text to standard comments

Example of Exempted:

The students matriculation services status is now displayed in the Matric Services box on the Edit SEP page.

Add Courses by Term

This section allows you to select courses by college, subject

and catalog.

You can also add courses by GE Area:

Enhance Assessment Results

This is to modify the Assessment Template page to show the recommended placements.

Plan by Prerequisites

Add courses from the students planner in eServices:

Provides the ability to access the students My Planner

page in eServices and copy the courses in the students planner directly into the iSEP. Selecting the Planner button opens the students eServices to My Planner page. Selecting the button moves the courses in the students planner to the iSEP.

The Counselor can click on the button to add the courses displayed in the student planner to the iSEP and then click on the to return to the Edit iSEP.

Finalize the SEP

This is the last step in the Student iSEP process. Selecting

the Finalize button saves the iSEP and marks it as official with a date stamp. This also makes the students iSEP viewable in eServices by the student. If the iSEP in not finalized, a copy of the work that has been prepared will be available under the search tab marked as In Progress. Once you finalize the iSEP subsequent changes or modifications to the students iSEP will be displayed with a sequence number and a date stamp.

Student Services & IT What, Where & When

Getting students WHAT they need to know Steps needed to get started (Matriculation) First courses to take Resources available to assist me At a place WHERE they are going to find it In Person: Student Services; Counseling; Faculty Electronic: eServices, e-mails, D2L, Degree Audit, Touch Points: Increase Points, Increase Value At a time WHEN they are most likely to use it. When they first become students Before regulatory deadlines Before the term starts/ At the end of the term

Usage Rates are Up!

College ARC CRC FLC SCC Start of Spring 2012 401 59 52 1612 Start of Spring 2013 8570 2135 2673 5799

40,561 number of iSEPs counselors have created for students

Moving Forward
How do we get this work done?
Governance Communication

Cultivating a culture of change

The Collaborative Process





What Weve Learned

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Talk about technology as a rapid force in higher education. Explain why the change is needed. Paint a clear picture of what the new technology is. Conduct a SWOT Analysis. Find a common ground. Establish project management oversight. Identify product development principles and stick to them. Progressive rollouts are okay. Manage the change. Promote our successes as they relate to institutional core values.

Michael Poindexter, Vice President of Enrollment & Student Services

Victoria Rosario, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services

Nichelle Williams