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How to Flip without Flopping

Bradley Vaden Nika Hogan Deborah Harrington

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What is a flip?
A flip lesson inverts the traditional classroom by delivering instruction online outside of class and moving homework and application activities into the classroom. In other words: Lecturing on a particular concept happens outside the class and work putting the concept into action happens inside the class.

The Inversion


Why Flip?

Flipping is Constructivist

Apprenticeship Model
Flipping allows an instructor face-to-face time to engage students in ways of reading, writing, thinking, and problem solving in the discipline
Only the instructor can do this

Flipping and Blooms

We need to allow students to struggle

We say students need to invest six hours per week per course, yet they succeed by doing significantly less. We say students need to develop higher-order intellectual skills, yet they say we mostly ask them to memorize. We say we want students to develop the skills that will sustain lifelong learning, but many of our courses seem to demand only that they do more, and more frequently, of the things we already know they can do (12).

The bargain
We are suggesting that in the reality of the classroom encounter between our expectations and first year student abilities, a bargain is often struck that allows both sides to remain in the comfort of familiar territory. For our part as faculty, we relax the demands that students immerse themselves in reading by highlighting the major ideas of the text in our classroom discussion. We ease the difficulty of applying ideas to practical problems by illustrating how it is done and then asking only that students recapitulate our demonstration. For their part, students soon learn how and how much of the reading is really necessary and that learning to apply ideas really means learning to memorize those applications we have performed. Once the bargain is struck, often in the wake of the first assignment, paper, or exam, we can settle in to our familiar rhythm of teaching without having to worry too much about their reading skills and work habits. Students can return to the old practices that have served them well without having to worry too much about how it will all turn out (12).

The New Deal

In short, flipping supports good pedagogy by giving you the time you think you dont have to do problem based, student centered activities in class

How? Part 1in class

What part 1
Give an example of what a Math class looks like Give an example of what an ESL class looks like Give an example of what a Psych class looks like

Origins of Current Approach

Pick a classwhat does it look like?
What do you do in the classroom? What do you do outside of class time? What do your students do in the classroom? What do they do outside of class time?

What is the best use of my face-to-face time with my students?

Lets Flip

Howin general advice

Join a CoPit takes time, work, and guts to change your teaching! (This is why RA is a good way to go)

Create your own flip example

Get into groups and come up with and discuss flip lesson examples from your subject areas
Think of the content that needs to be addressed for a single class meeting and then how you would cover this content in 5-10 minute chunks at a time via video/online.
i.e. what are the 5-10 talking points youll discuss and what will be on your computer screen to reinforce each point?

For the corresponding other side of the flip in the classroom, think about what youre already doing and how that could be the basis for hands-on work in the classroom: case study, role play, debate, discussion, project-based learning, problem-solving, etc.

Resources for flipping the classroom yourself

Khan Academy Academic Earth TeacherTube YouTube Education Flipped Learning Network 6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom Edcanvas Sophias Flipped Classroom Certification 8 Great Videos About the Flipped Classroom TedEd