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Mobile (iOs) Game Development

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1. Market Share

September, 2013
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2. Success Story
Phenomenal iPhone Apps That Got People Rich Flight Control - Launched March 2009 Developers: Firemint PTY Ltd Estimated Revenue: $3,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 4,000,000+ This game puts you on the edge of your seat by placing you firmly in clutches of one of the most stressful jobs in world. An Air Traffic Controller. And boy is it addictive. Over 4 million people have downloaded the game in the three years it has been in the app store. At a price of $0.99, it has been very lucrative for its maker, Firemint.

2. Success Story
Phenomenal iPhone Apps That Got People Rich

Clear - Launched February 2012 Developers: RealMac Software Estimated Revenue: $1,500,000+ Estimated Downloads: 750,000+

The minimalist to-do list app managed to sell over 350 000 copies wthin its first ten days when it was launched in February 2012. Clear is published by UK company, Realmac Software.

2. Success Story
Pocket God - Launched January 2009 Developers: Bolt Creative Estimated Revenue: $10,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 5,000,000

Having been downloaded well over 5 million times, with constant updates from the makers, Bolt Creative. Pocket God is in position 9 on iTunes all-time best selling paid app list for a reason.

2. Success Story
Tiny Wings - Launched February 2011 Developers: Andreas Illiger Estimated Revenue: $4,500,000+ Estimated Downloads: 6,000,000+

Andreas Illiger is the one-man show behind the hit app Tiny Wings. The cute little bird is #7 on the all-time paid app list with annual revenues estimated at $4.5 million.

2. Success Story
Skee Ball - Launched September 2009 Developers: Freeverse Estimated Revenue: $2,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 3,000,000+

One of the most downloaded paid apps in history. With a release very early in the app stores life. It brings the addictive boardwalk game to the iPhone. Freeverse, the makers of the game, have sold 2.5 million copies of the game at 99 cents a pop and have now been acquired by Ngmoco.

2. Success Story
SoundHound - Launched April 2010 Developers: SoundHound Inc. Estimated Revenue: $10,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 85,000,000+

Not only will this app identify a song, artist and album but it will also let you find the lyrics for the song and download it through Amazon. It can even give you gig information for the artist. The app has a free version with ads and a paid version. They have 80 million users and now handle 5 million song searches a day.

2. Success Story
Angry Birds - Launched December 2009 Developers: Rovio Estimated Revenue: $250,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 1,000,000,000+

No list would be complete without what many would consider to be the Michael Jordan of iphone games. The parent company Rovio generated revenue of $106 million in 2011, almost exclusively from angry bids. With a whopping 1 billion downloads of Angry Birds, worldwide to date. Its pretty clear to me that they are here to stay.

2. Success Story
Texas Poker - Launched June 2010 Developers: Kama Games Estimated Revenue: $22,000,000+ Estimated Downloads: 40,000,000+

One of the top gambling apps in the list of top grossing iPhone apps. This app was developed at Kama Games who have enjoyed revenue of over $20 million from this app alone!

3. Failure Factor
High expectations App Store telah menjadi lebih dari lotre, dan kurangnya kesempatan bagi pengembang kecil untuk berhasil dibanding dengan perusahaan besar. App Promo Developer yg berani mengeluarkan uang untuk promosi lebih berhasil ketimbang yang tidak mengeluarkan uang sama sekali. Discoverability, App demos, and Marketing Sulit untuk menjadi hasil pencarian nomor satu bahkan ketika nama app yang sama persis untuk istilah pencarian. Apple masih perlu untuk menawarkan semacam demo untuk app berbayar.

4. Competitor
Devices, Operating System and Game Development iOs memiliki spec yang rata-rata sama, sedangkan pada Android terdapat banyak sekali spec dengan hardware yang berbeda-beda jenisnya. Making Money: Android Vs. iOS Android memiliki 750.000 aplikasi dan iOS memiliki 900.000, Pengguna Android suka aplikasi gratisan. iOs memiliki lebih banyak pengguna yang loyal. Submission, Promotion and Marketing Android menawarkan transparansi dan kemudahan akses ke data. Selain itu, pengembang Android dapat menjawab review di aplikasi mereka sesuatu yang Apple tidak membiarkan pengembangnya lakukan. Bottomline Ketika akan mengembangkan game yg menguntungkan, sebagian besar pengembang menggantungkan harapan mereka pada iOS. Perangkat dan sistem operasi fragmentasi, pembajakan, dan keengganan pengguna Android mengeluarkan uang untuk game mobile yang membuat pengembangan game Android mundur.

5. Development Process