The Grass Roots in Action

Achieving Quantifiable Results

The Grassroots in Action

Responding to the MIAC: The Grassroots in Action
• • • • • • Notify Grassroots Develop Strategy Mobilize Grassroots Engage in Action Document Action Eternal Vigilance

MIAC: Notify Grassroots
• Initial release: Alex Jones (internet radio)

MIAC Strategy: Stand up, Missouri! A Plan of Action
• • • Freedom of Information Act / Sunshine Law
– SEMA, Highway Patrol, Governor Nixon – Hand Deliver with Cameras 3.16.2009

Missouri Legislature
– Email/phone bank campaign to start Monday 3.16.2009. – Lobby our legislatures first day back in session 3.23.2009

Speak with your Wallet: Missouri Tourism
– MO Chamber of Commerce – Tourism locations / offices – Hotels in StL area (Working with on this expected internet release date Tuesday 3. 17.2009)

Public Relations
– Intentional press releases and letters to the editor (expect examples release on internet Sunday 3.15.2009) – Newspaper ads in MO papers educating public on what is happening (expected to go in Monday 3.23.209 papers)

We have nothing to hide and nothing to fear
– Make C4L sell out with attendance! – Make the KC End the Fed march the largest in the nation!

MIAC Mobilize: Blog Blast
-March 15 -Explanation of Situation -Our Plan of Action -Prepare folks to watch for updates -How Others can Help -Request to re-post (“go viral”) -Posted to social networking sites and internet forums

MIAC Action: Delivery of Sunshine Docs
• March 16, 2009 • 10 Missouri Patriots • Hand Delivery • 3 Agencies
– Hwy Patrol – SEMA – Governor Nixon

MIAC Mobilize: Operation Oh, Jay
-March 18th, 2009 -National phone / email bomb -Response to Gov. defending MIAC -Coordinated with other groups (such as Restore the Republic)

MIAC Mobilize: Phone Template
• • (Remember to be nice and respectful please) Hello, my name is _________________. Is Governor Nixon in? No? Well I would like to leave a message if I may. I am (am not) a constituent of the Governor and I am calling in regards to the Memo released by the MIAC entitled The Modern Militia Movement. I am a supporter of Ron Paul/ Chuck Baldwin/ Bob Barr/ 3rd Party candidates and according to this document; it implies that I could be profiled by the police as a domestic threat. In this report, it implies that a non-violent person like me could be viewed as an “extremist” and presumed to think of Police as “Enemies”. I am asking that the Governor retract this document that encroaches my 1st Amendment right, as well as issue a formal apology to the freedom movement. As a consequence to this report, I am now apprehensive to drive/ live/ or visit your state, and as you know, that would have terrible economic blowback. So would you please pass this on to the Governor. (NOW BE READY FOR QUESTIONS, and remember to be respectful and well thought out). Thank you for your time!

MIAC Mobilize: Letter Template
• • Dear Governor Nixon, I am constituent of yours, and recently a document with your name on it has been brought to my attention. It is a document release by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) and it is titled The Modern Militia Movement. I am sure you are aware of the document, but I must admit, I am terribly concerned by the implications of this document. This report describes many of the philosophies that I believe in, and I take great insult to being referred to as a potential domestic threat, or a “radical extremist” for having views that differ from the two party design. I am concerned about driving my vehicle around if it has “3rd Party” candidates supported, or if I have a “Gadsden Flag” hanging from my house (which were required to fly on EVERY naval vessel in 2002). The next time I am pulled over, I am not going to know if it’s for having a tail-light out, or for having a Ron Paul sticker on my car.

MIAC Action: Sunshine Violation
• • • • March 24th, 2009 20 patriots Governors office Notify State Legislature
– Freedom to Fascism – Copy of MIAC – Copy of Press Coverage – Our Response (“Counter Point”)

March 25th, 2009

MIAC Director Reassigned!

LRP thrown out of Nixon’s Office

First Hearing
• June 10th, 2009
– Missouri State Highway Patrol, informational – Iraq Vet, against – Catherine Bleish, against – Sheriff, for – Kevin Kobe, against – Youtube username: TheLRP to see video

Missouri Hwy Patrol Documents
• • • • Nine additional “Strategic Reports” Aggressive / Militant Language used by law enforcement Internal rumor of “threats” Sourcing information from
– – – – – ADL Southern Poverty Law Center Helios Global Inc FBI DHS Ron Paul End the Fed Meetup (Steve Vincent) Liberty Restoration Project (End the Fed rally) Lakota Dollar (Via RTR press release) Prison Planet Daily Paul

Organizations they have mentioned
– – – – – –

Wiki: Open Records Requests

Second Hearing
• • • • • • • • • • • • • STIC (Illinois State Fusion Center ), information Donna Ivonivich, Chair of Missouri Constitution Party Glenn Neilson, Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party. Michael Fagen, former US District Attorney Steven Knowles, citizen. Rob Hillman, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Liberty Caucus Mark Oester, C4L volunteer. Carol Reis, private citizen Brent Stafford, C4L 3rd District Coordinator for Missouri Campaign for Liberty Laura Housladen, former Missouri Campaign for Liberty interim State CoCoordinator Catherine Bleish, executive director of Liberty Restoration Project, Robyn Hamlyn, Missouri C4l Youtube username: TheLRP to see footage of testimony

Third Hearing to Happen
• • • • • Kansas City, Missouri September 31st Mobilize grassroots to testify Present Legislature with further research Work to systematically deconstruct this fusion center

MIAC Heros
• • • • • • • • Bryon Huber Kevin Kobe Gary Franchi Ron Paul Forums Chuck Baldwin Mike Ferguson Rep. Jim Guest Liberty Lovers everywhere

Traits Successful Grassroots Actions
• • • • • Organic Bottom Up Decentralized Leading by Example No regard for image

• Seek grassroots input
– Conduct Surveys – Hold Conference Calls – Consult other grassroots leaders

• Identify the ROOT of the problem
– Time and energy is precious – Prohibition, for a BAD example

• Think Outside the Box
– Innovation and Creativity – Definition of Insanity..

• Do what is RIGHT
– Do not worry about your image

• Keep focus at State Level – Power lies in the states

State Sovereignty
Missouri Constitution • Article I Section 4. That Missouri is a free and independent state, subject only to the Constitution of the United States. United States Constitution • Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Focus on the State
• Legislators are more accessible
– Physically closer in proximity – Face to face communication

• Legislators are less corrupt • States have the power • State legislators are typically good people who just DON’T KNOW the proper role of government • Approach from a place of love

Mobilize: Effective Action Alerts
• Summary of Problem
– Short and Sweet – Timely

• Specific Instructions
– Provide examples / “tips” / suggested script – Provide contact information

• Use email alerts sparingly
– Call to action

Mobilize: Use the Media
• Do-It Yourself Media
– – – – Videos Podcasts Blogs Email Action Alerts

• Movement Media
– – – – Internet Radio Internet “TV” Blogs Email Lists

• Social Networking
– Post your media – Spread your media

• Local Media
– – – – Letters to Editor Call into radio shows Cultivate relationship Political Blogs

Mobilize: Do-It Yourself Media
• Arm yourself
– Carry a camera

• Lead by example
– Show the way – GET ON TAPE

• Tell your story
– Daily / Weekly / Monthly Podcasts

• Spread the Word
– Internet Social Networks

Mobilize: Do-It Yourself Media


• • •

Mobilize: Movement Media
• Internet TV
– – – – – Gary Franchi’s Reality Report Tarrin Lupo’s LCL Report Shelly Roche’s Ridley Report Judge Napolitano
• Internet Radio
– – – – – – – – – – – – – Rule of Law Radio American Freedom Radio Republic Broadcasting Network Liberty Cap Talk Live

• Forums
– – –

Mobilize: Internet / Social Networking
Go where the people are

• • • • • • •

Strategy: Moving Forward
• Open Records Coalition
– Obtain and publicize their behavior –

• Rally in Jefferson City: Citizens demanding access to their Governor • Creating a documentary (educate the movement) • Educating the Tea Party Movement • Educate current Legislators • Run for State Office

Grassroots Projects of Note
– Cultivating leaders within our movement – Empowering the grassroots – DuQuoin IL Fairgrounds Oct. 9, 10, 11

– Bringing women into the movement – Empowering women to make a difference being themselves – Provide ongoing training

If you remember nothing else..

• Focus on the State • Get it on Tape! • Communicate face to face • BE BOLD, be firm, be loud

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