Oracle Process Manufacturing


Implementing Oracle Process Manufacturing
Craig Marmon Deloitte-Touche



Oracle Process Manufacturing


First of all, What is OPM (i.e. the product formerly known as GEMMS)?

• On July 20, Oracle announced the GEMMS product suite will now be referred to as Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM). • OPM is designed exclusively for process manufacturers
– Consumer Packaged Goods
• Food, Beverage, Health and Beauty, Household Products

– Industrial Products
• Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Metals, Mining, Paper and Glass



Oracle Process Manufacturing ® OPM coverage is similar to the Oracle Discrete Manufacturing product suite Discrete Equivalent • • • • • • • Inventory Purchasing Order Entry Bill Of Materials Work In Process Cost Quality OPM Modules • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 11/24/2013 Inventory Purchasing Order Fulfillment Formula Production Process Operations Control Costing Quality Physical Inventory Laboratory Material Requirements Planning Master Production Scheduling Capacity Requirements Planning EC Intrastat • • • Material Requirements Planning Master Production Scheduling Capacity 3 .

• The current version of OPM is 4.7 • It is available in GUI only as a SmartClient.06. • Version 11.0 NCA 11/24/2013 4 . It is integrated with Oracle 10. • The term „SmartClient‟ is an oxymoron.0 due in December will be written in Developer 2000 and be integrated with Oracle 11.10. It is highly suggested to use Citrix WinFrame as the client interface.Oracle Process Manufacturing ® OPM is currently written in the JAM toolset from JYACC.

0 in November.September 1997 – Year 2000 Compliance – Integration to Oracle Financials • 10.1 Review ® • First Delivery . 1998 • Multi-company support – Advanced Order Processing – Inventory and Manufacturing Enhancements .Oracle Process Manufacturing OPM Release 4.7 SC • 11.

1 .Patches Through 06 ® • All ports released • Intrastat support • Upgrade i2 integration to 2.9 release – Oracle OPM Rhythm Capacity Planner – Oracle Rhythm Factory Planner • SOP improvements – Usability Team • Multi-user batch usage • Oracle Financials 11 scheduled for Q4 .Oracle Process Manufacturing OPM Release 4.

Decision Support ® • Discoverer • Reports 3.1 .OLAP .Oracle Process Manufacturing OPM Release 4.0 • Oracle Express .

systems replacement versus Reengineering).Oracle Process Manufacturing ® The approach for design and deployment is not unlike other ERP applications FastTrack4 Oracle Testing and Delivery As-Is and To-Be phases can range from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the amount of change the client requires (i. 11/24/2013 8 .e. Most often GEMMS can be implemented in 6 to 10 months start to finish.

Oracle Process Manufacturing ® The first implementation step is to establish a test and development environment • The testing environment is intended as a „sandbox‟ for the project team to play • The development environment serves as a test bed for new patches and upgrades – Oracle typically releases GEMMS patches every quarter and a major release each year • A training environment may be necessary as regularly scheduled classes are too few and far between 11/24/2013 9 .

• Documenting gaps and locking down the design now will save you from scrambling at go-live 11/24/2013 10 . • Using process flows as the basis for test scripts is the best method for insuring a comprehensive test.Oracle Process Manufacturing ® Confirming business requirements through testing is extremely important • Moving from „To-Be‟ to „Will-Be‟ requires confirmation that the processes can be performed in the system as designed.

Oracle Process Manufacturing ® When To-be processes are confirmed. • There are only a few data dependencies from Financials – Customers entered prior to Pricing – Vendors entered prior to Contracts • The Item Master may be modified if no transactions have yet to occur. it’s time to start configuring the system • GL is setup first. 11/24/2013 11 . Make sure it is correct before on-hand balances are created. then GEMMS can proceed.

7 11/24/2013 12 .1 integrated with Financials 10.Oracle Process Manufacturing You should understand the integration between OPM and ORAFIN ® • There are four types of Integration between OPM and Financials – – – – Master File Synchronization Functional Drill Down On Line Nearly one-third of the integration points were upgraded in OPM release 4.

PL/SQL C. PL/SQL View PL/SQL Trigger PL/SQL Trigger PL/SQL Trigger View PL/SQL Trigger PL/SQL Trigger PL/SQL Trigger PL/SQL Trigger 13 11/24/2013 .Oracle Process Manufacturing Master Files are synched through triggers and a data synchronization utility Integration AP FOB Codes AP Terms Codes SalesReps Currency Codes Exchange Rate Types Exchange Rates Customers Customer Association Vendors Vendor Association Shipper Association Warehouse Buyers Shipper Codes Freight Bill Method Items UOM UOM Types ® Method Used C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C.

Oracle Process Manufacturing Functional Integration is achieved through various OPM utilities Integration AP Update GL Update AR Update Invoice Price Credit/Debit Memo Expense Allocation ® Method Used JPL. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL 11/24/2013 14 . PL/SQL JPL. PL/SQL C. PL/SQL C.

Oracle Process Manufacturing ® Drill Downs have been a great selling point of OPM for years. Integration AP Payment History AR Invoice History OF GL Drill Down OF AR Drill Down Method Used JPL. View Oracle Forms. View 11/24/2013 15 . PL/SQL Oracle Forms. PL/SQL JPL.

PL/SQL JPL. PL/SQL JPL. PL/SQL JPL. PL/SQL JPL. PL/SQL JPL. Oracle Forms 11/24/2013 16 .Oracle Process Manufacturing ® On Line Integration allows easy access to information Integration Account & Accounting Unit Validation/Lookup Credit Check Chart of Account Fiscal Year & Period Validation/Lookup Fiscal Policy Setup Single Logon Method Used JPL.

• Six API‟s exist in Process Operations Control to link DCS and PLC devices • The GEMMS Technical Reference Manual is your best friend for these activities. 11/24/2013 17 .Oracle Process Manufacturing ® OPM has no open interfaces for auto-data conversion. formula master. pricing and various other tables. • Programs have been written in the field to import item master.

Oracle Process Manufacturing ® After the production system is fully loaded. a stress test should be performed • All major business processes should be tested – – – – Purchase to Pay Order to Cash Make to Demand Financial Close and Reporting • Each module should be unit tested • The entire system should be tested to simulate concurrent usage • All background processes should be tested MRP. Cost Update. Data Synch. Test Subledger 11/24/2013 18 .

• Make sure the trainers have taken a course on „How Adults Learn‟. • I have had success with Big Bang and the staged implementation approach • One of the biggest tasks is the dynamic data conversion for items/lots/locations 11/24/2013 19 .Oracle Process Manufacturing ® It’s time to begin the system cutover • End-User Training is best conducted by the client project team member with superuser assistance.

0 • New version of Regulatory Management • New Discoverer 3. Oracle Applications “Look and Feel” • Integrated to Oracle Purchasing R11.Oracle Process Manufacturing ® Here’s where OPM is headed in the next year Release 11.0 based Cost Analysis tool .0 • Unified Administration.0 Overview • Available First Half of 1999 • Integrated to Oracle Financials R11.

0 Technical Summary ® • • • • • Using Developer 2000 tool set Full AOL compliance Discoverer 3.Oracle Process Manufacturing Release 11.1 Oracle 8 Database support Oracle Web Forms + NCA = WAN Performance .

view next / previous record • Flex fields replacing user class fields .Oracle Process Manufacturing 11.0 “Look and Feel” Enhancements ® • Integrated menu displays – Mixed OPM and Financial menus – Single source for transactions • Improved data search capabilities – Data query capabilities.

5 Reports 2 PL/SQL C APIs Oracle Process Manufacturing Enterprise Data Model 23 .Oracle Process Manufacturing Migration Approach ® JAM Version JAM Forms/ Reports JAM JPL (4GL) Developer 2000 / AOL Forms 4.

0 ® • Requisitions – User entered purchase requisitions – Expense or Inventory items – Workflow based approval • • • • RFQ‟s & Quotations MRO Purchasing Integration with MRP Pay on Receipt .Oracle Process Manufacturing New Purchasing Features. 11.

O.O. change inbound price catalog inbound quotes inbound ship notice inbound ship/billing notice outbound application advice .Oracle Process Manufacturing New Purchasing Features.12 and EDIFACT • • • • • • • 850/ORDERS 860/ORDCHG 832/PRICAT 843/QUOTES 856/DESADV 857 824/APERAK outbound P.0 ® • Planned EDI Transactions with the Oracle EDI Gateway – X. outbound P. 11.

etc. payments.’s.Oracle Process Manufacturing New Purchasing Features. .O.0 ® • Oracle Self-Service Web Applications – Web Employees (for requisitioning) • Create/view reqs with a browser – Web Suppliers • Supplier access through a browser – View invoices. P. 11. past due receipts.

customer satisfaction • Release 11.0 – Convert to Developer/2000 – Integrate Oracle Purchasing 27 .Oracle Process Manufacturing ® Summary of Oracle Process Manufacturing • Strategy: focus on process industries • Release 4.1 – Began shipping September „97 – Continue to improve quality.

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