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The Barangay in relation to Republic Act 10630 and Republic Act 7610

Prepared by: Prof. Jo efina T. !e Je u

R"P#B$%& A&T '(. 10630 ) A' A&T *TR"'+T,"'%'+ T," J#-"'%$" J#*T%&" *.*T"/ %' T," P,%$%PP%'"*0 A/"'!%'+ 1(R T," P#RP(*" R"P#B$%& A&T '(. 23330 (T,"R4%*" 5'(4' A* T," 6J#-"'%$" J#*T%&" A'! 4"$1AR" A&T (1 70066 A'! APPR(PR%AT%'+ 1#'!* T,"R"1(R
Appro8ed: (&T 03 7013 9*gd.: B"'%+'( *. A;#%'( %%% Pre ident of the Philippine

6*"&. 6. /ini<u< Age of &ri<inal Re pon ibility. = A child fifteen 91>: year of age or under at the ti<e of the co<<i ion of the offen e hall be e?e<pt fro< cri<inal liability. ,o@e8er0 the child hall be ubAected to an inter8ention progra< pur uant to *ection 70 of thi Act. ) 6A child i dee<ed to be fifteen 91>: year of age on the day of the fifteenth anni8er ary of hi Bher birthdate.

6A child abo8e fifteen 91>: year but belo@ eighteen 91C: year of age hall liDe@i e be e?e<pt fro< cri<inal liability and be ubAected to an inter8ention progra<0 unle heB he ha acted @ith di cern<ent0 in @hich ca e0 uch child hall be ubAected to the appropriate proceeding in accordance @ith thi Act. ) 6The e?e<ption fro< cri<inal liability herein e tabli hed doe not include e?e<ption fro< ci8il liability0 @hich hall be enforced in accordance @ith e?i ting la@ .6 )

Ju8enile Ju tice and 4elfare &ouncil 9JJ4&:. = A Ju8enile Ju tice and 4elfare &ouncil 9JJ4&: i hereby created and attached to the !epart<ent of *ocial 4elfare and !e8elop<ent and placed under it ad<ini trati8e uper8i ion.
91: !epart<ent of Ju tice 9!(J:E 97: !epart<ent of *ocial 4elfare and !e8elop<ent 9!*4!:E )93: &ouncil for the 4elfare of &hildren 9&4&:E )93: !epart<ent of "ducation 9!ep"!:E )9>: !epart<ent of the %nterior and $ocal +o8ern<ent 9!%$+:E )96: &o<<i ion on ,u<an Right 9&,R:E )97: 'ational .outh &o<<i ion 9'.&:E )9C: T@o 97: repre entati8e fro< '+( 0 to be de ignated by the *ecretary of *ocial 4elfare and !e8elop<ent0 to be elected ba ed on the criteria e tabli hed by the &ouncilE )92: !epart<ent of ,ealth 9!(,:E and )910: (ne 91: repre entati8e each fro< the $eague of Pro8ince 0 $eague of &itie 0 $eague of /unicipalitie and League of Barangays.

There hall be a Regional Ju8enile Ju tice and 4elfare &o<<ittee 9RJJ4&: in each region. The RJJ4& @ill be under the ad<ini tration and uper8i ion of the JJ4&. 69i: !epart<ent of Ju tice 9!(J:E )69ii: !epart<ent of *ocial 4elfare and !e8elop<ent 9!*4!:E )69iii: !epart<ent of "ducation 9!ep"!:E )69i8: !epart<ent of the %nterior and $ocal +o8ern<ent 9!%$+:E )698: &o<<i ion on ,u<an Right 9&,R:E )698i: !epart<ent of ,ealth 9!(,:E


T@o 97: repre entati8e fro< '+( operating @ithin the region elected by the RJJ4& ba ed on the criteria e tabli hed by the JJ4&E )698iii: (ne 91: ectoral repre entati8e fro< the children or youth ector @ithin the regionE and )69i?: (ne 91: repre entati8e fro< the $eague of Pro8ince B &itie B /unicipalitie B Barangays of the Philippines.

Section 6.Section20ofRepublicActNo.9344ishereby amendedtoreadasfollows: S!".20.Children Below the Age of Criminal Responsibility.# $fithasbeendeterminedthatthechildta%enintocustodyis fifteen&'()yearsoldorbelow*theauthoritywhichwillha+ean initialcontactwiththechild*inconsultationwiththelocalsocial welfareandde+elopmentofficer*hasthedutytoimmediately releasethechildtothecustodyofhis,herparentsor-uardian* orintheabsencethereof*thechild.snearestrelati+e./hechild shallbesub0ectedtoacommunity1basedinter+entionpro-ram super+isedbythelocalsocialwelfareandde+elopmentofficer* unlessthebestinterestofthechildre2uiresthereferralofthe childtoayouthcarefacilityor34ahay5a-1asa.mana-edby 678sorlicensedand,oraccreditedN79smonitoredbythe :S;:.


appropriate pro-rams for the child who has been released* in consultation with the child and the person ha+in- custody o+er the child. $f the parents* -uardians ornearestrelati+escannotbelocated*oriftheyrefuseto ta%e custody* the child may be released to any of the followin-: &a) A duly re-istered non-o+ernmental or reli-ious or-ani<ation= &b) A barangay official or a member of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC); &c) A local social welfare and de+elopment officer= or* whenandwhereappropriate*the:S;:.

*ection 11. *ection >7 of Republic Act 'o. 2333 i hereby a<ended to read a follo@ : ) 6*"&. >7. *tatu (ffen e . = Any conduct not con idered an offen e or not penaliFed if co<<itted by an adult hall not be con idered an offen e and hall not be puni hed if co<<itted by a child.6 )

6*"&. >7GA. -iolation of $ocal (rdinance . =

(rdinance enacted by local go8ern<ent concerning Au8enile tatu offen e uch a 0 but not li<ited to: > curfe@ 8iolation 0 > truancy0 > parental di obedience0 > antiG <oDing and antiGdrinDing la@ 0 a @ell a > light offen e and <i de<eanor again t public order or afety uch a 0 but not li<ited to0 di orderly conduct0 public candal0 hara <ent0 drunDenne 0 public into?ication0 cri<inal nui ance0 8andali <0 ga<bling0 <endicancy0 littering0 public urination0 and tre pa ing0 hall be for the protection of children.

No penalty shall be imposed on children for said violations, and they shall instead be brought to their residence or to any barangay official at the barangay hall to be released to the custody of their parents.

Appropriate inter8ention progra< hall be pro8ided for in uch ordinance . The child hall al o be recorded a a Hchild at ri DI and not a a Hchild in conflict @ith the la@I. The ordinance hall al o pro8ide for inter8ention progra< 0 uch a : > coun eling0 > attendance in group acti8itie for children0 and > for the parent 0 attendance in parenting education e<inar .6

Republic Act 'o. 7610 June 170 1227 ) A' A&T PR(-%!%'+ 1(R *TR('+"R !"T"RR"'&" A'! *P"&%A$ PR(T"&T%(' A+A%'*T &,%$! AB#*"0 "JP$(%TAT%(' A'! !%*&R%/%'AT%('0 A'! 1(R (T,"R P#RP(*"*

*ection 3. !efinition of Ter< . = )

9a: 6&hildren6 refer to per on belo@ eighteen 91C: year of age or tho e o8er but are unable to fully taDe care of the< el8e or protect the< el8e fro< abu e0 neglect0 cruelty0 e?ploitation or di cri<ination becau e of a phy ical or <ental di ability or conditionE ) 9b: 6&hild abu e6 refer to the <altreat<ent0 @hether habitual or not0 of the child @hich include any of the follo@ing: ) 91: P ychological and phy ical abu e0 neglect0 cruelty0 e?ual abu e and e<otional <altreat<entE )

97: Any act by deed or @ord @hich deba e 0 degrade or de<ean the intrin ic @orth and dignity of a child a a hu<an beingE ) 93: #nrea onable depri8ation of hi ba ic need for ur8i8al0 uch a food and helterE or ) 93: 1ailure to i<<ediately gi8e <edical treat<ent to an inAured child re ulting in eriou i<pair<ent of hi gro@th and de8elop<ent or in hi per<anent incapacity or death.

Re<edial Procedure ) *ection 77. 4ho /ay 1ile a &o<plaint. = &o<plaint on ca e of unla@ful act co<<itted again t the children a enu<erated herein <ay be filed by the follo@ing: ) 9a: (ffended partyE) 9b: Parent or guardian E )9c: A cendant or collateral relati8e @ithin the third degree of con anguinityE )9d: (fficer0 ocial @orDer or repre entati8e of a licen ed childG caring in titutionE )9e: (fficer or ocial @orDer of the !epart<ent of *ocial 4elfare and !e8elop<entE )9f) Barangay chairman; or (g) t least three (!) concerned responsible citi"ens #here the violation occurred.

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